Linda Verkaaik

Transmissie, based on 'the last supper' of Leonardo da Vinci


Since long I was inspired by The Last Supper of Da Vinci. This specific painting has not only the theme of the transmission of mass into spirit. For me he draws the isolated pathway you have to go between the Judas and the Christ: possesion/the fixed and safe home against setting free/ surrender. For me he has clearly made visible: that relation between them and the lonelynes of them, having a knowledge, not to share with the other tableguests. Hanging over the table, Judas is the only one who looks in the Christs face and makes a contact. His reaching left hand and the reaching right hand of the Christ are bound together by the folded hands in between of John. It shows an alliance. They need each other equally to tell the make the pathway of life. For me the reason to place the project on a vertical axis, and setting the four groups of apostles all along both sides.

For me growed the idea, Da Vinci mend the painting as a life-cyclus. While I was making the sketches of the definite sculpturegroup, the four groups of three men got names, which globaly expressed what them alliated. So they got titles as : judgement, impotence, care, discussion. They may be the 4 importend items you meet on the road from having til being. The judgement of the youth, the discussion of the adult, the impotence of midlife, the depending of care of the old-age.


Installation, Monumental, Public Art
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