Bianca Runge

Labyrinth of Memories - work in progress

Giving nature a voice.
Each tribe is an individual work, a shrine or memorial place, with a title that refers to our consumer society. The trunks together form a large labyrinth that you can walk through. A labyrinth has traditionally been a place for reflection. She uses seduction to take us into the depths. There are several layers to the work, for example the titles and subtitles tell facts about luxury items.

Oktober 10 to november 3 2024 to be seen in Grote Kerk Veere

Every second, an area the size of a football field is still being deforested on Earth. It's unbelievable how we treat the lungs of our world. I felt very powerless about that and looked for a way to deal with it as an artist. How can I give nature a voice?
So I started suggesting that I preserve felled logs in aluminum foil.
Then came the used jewelry and beads that proliferate over the aluminum like moss, mold or bugs.
Used carpets with plant motifs form the ground, they open new paths. At the same time they refer to the reconstruction where industrialization started. Rugs inspired by Oriental rugs were machine-made in Europe. This was a time when people had more to spend and when it seemed as if the economy could grow far into the sky.
We are now seeing the disastrous consequences of this.

Each tribe is an individual work, a shrine, with its own title that refers to our consumer society.
All works are made as much as possible from used or reusable materials.


200cm, 1000cm, 1500cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Aluminum, Glas, Naturstoffe, Recycelte Materialien
Installation, Eko Art, Public Art, Interaktiv
Ă–kologie, Gesellschaft, Natur
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