Verena Friedrich


Installation in historical
cake pop sticks, light
DenkmalKunst - KunstDenkmal, Hann. M├╝nden, 2019

In the installation ÔÇÜTiefenflugÔÇś, visitors are immersed in the forgotten history of a once flourishing community. In a hidden cellar, where a synagogue once stood, a Jewish ritual bath, a mikvah, dating from 1625 is revealed.

In the middle of this historical relic, the lines of the former water level shine with an installation of luminous cake pop sticks. This artistic interplay of light and shadow not only reflects the past significance of the ritual bath, but also invites us to reflect on the vanished communities and their memories. ÔÇÜTiefenflugÔÇś captures the stillness and depth of history and recalls how water has been revered as a medium of purification and transition in different cultures and traditions.This installation invites us not only to look at the surface, but also to delve into the hidden depths of the past.


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