Linda Verkaaik

Meander Hands


Meander Hands, Grip

There are many expressions where hands form a base:
impending: things are happening...
sitting on your hands: do not intervene.
to put one's hands in one's lap: to acquiesce
joining forces: working together

This image consists of 2 hands, working together, flowing into each other, complementing each other, following each other. Can't live without each other
hands, because they are organic, warm, recognizable and human. It's a gesture.
hands of comfort, attention, security, help, enveloping, feeling enclosed.
The human comfort, the hands of care.
But also the translation for afterwards, hope, reflection, a new beginning
both hands together form a yin/yang figure via the 2 thumbs.
How everything is connected.
That life and death are connected: infinity....

One hand, as the supporting, receiving hand, the earth. wrinkles, the grooves, the veins, veins, of leaves, wings, lifelines.
Mourning, repentance.
The other hand, thin, the fleeing, the fleeting, the air or the water.
He shows a ripple. A ripple in the water. True emotion leaves a ripple in your existence.
It has a meandering wave pattern: a wave movement of life, the river, rhythm, the way to go. the fingers are like river courses, arms of water. the water washes clean, it represents the time that heals the wounds.
resistance broken, going with the flow, living on, the after...
letting go, resigning, letting it flow... new life

The idea for the statue was initially intended for the memorial site
The earthly hand that ensures that the other person can continue strengthened.
Bert Jurling translated it very aptly: Hold me tight so I can fly.

But also during a disease process, or after the mourning.
Perhaps it is only when you face death that you see how important the other person is to you.
A poem by Jacques de Waart... ties in very nicely with this:
Not being able to grab you anymore makes you take root in me.

But also: more universally: something that is especially important at this moment of polarization: the acceptance of each other:
Freedom is safeguarding your conscience, your secure knowledge and behavior.
It is an excerpt from the poem Vrijheid, also by the poet Jacques de Waart.

For me, this fragment taps into a deeper layer in the image.
it is thought provoking. it gives my image a change of perspective.


200cm, 200cm, 140cm (H├Âhe, Breite, Tiefe)
printed acrylic plates, Stahl, Stein
Public Art
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