Boky Hackel-Ward


The minimalist sculpture before us, with its rigorous Euclidean form, presents a stark and contemplative statement on the urgent ecological crisis plaguing our planet in the Anthropocene epoch. Its geometric precision evokes a sense of mathematical purity, a testament to the orderliness of our constructed world. Yet, it is precisely within this pristine simplicity that the sculpture's message acquires its piercing poignancy.

At the sculpture's core, the words "100 Heartbeats away" are etched into its form, illuminated by an otherworldly light. These words act as a poignant countdown, reminding us that the degradation of our ecosystem and the looming environmental catastrophe are not abstract concepts but are, in fact, perilously close. Each heartbeat carries with it a palpable sense of urgency, a ticking clock that measures the fleeting time we have to address the environmental havoc we have wrought.

The sculpture's minimalist design further emphasises the seriousness of our situation. Its Euclidean form represents the structured and ordered world we have constructed, a world that is now under siege by the consequences of our actions. The sculpture's austere lines evoke the cold, calculated indifference that has often characterised our relationship with the natural world, a relationship that has led us perilously close to the precipice of ecological collapse.

The light emanating from the words "100 Heartbeats away" is a stark and haunting illumination. It casts an eerie, almost spectral glow, illuminating the gravity of our predicament. The light is not a comforting beacon but rather a stark reminder of our proximity to a catastrophic tipping point.
In concept, this sculpture forces us to confront the harrowing reality of the Anthropocene. It challenges us to consider the ethical implications of our actions as a species and the moral responsibility we bear for the degradation of our ecosystem. The phrase "100 Heartbeats away" is a stark reminder that the consequences of our choices are measured in human terms—our very lives.

The sculpture stands as a silent yet powerful call to action, imploring us to engage with the environmental challenges of our time. It asks us to re-evaluate our priorities and the way we relate to the natural world, urging us to recognise that we are not isolated from the ecosystem but deeply interconnected with it. It is a work of art that compels us to acknowledge the urgency of the environmental crisis and to take immediate steps toward its resolution, for we are indeed only "100 Heartbeats away" from a future that is both precarious and uncertain.


120cm, 220cm, 4cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Unique Piece
Licht, Stahl
Konzeptionell, Gesellschaft, Spiritualität, Ökologie
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