Boky Hackel-Ward


In the realm of minimalist art, where form meets meaning, a striking sculpture emerges, poised to shift our perspective. A rigorous Euclidean form, cast in black steel, it defies gravity, hanging upside down. Within its stark frame, the bold question is etched: "CAN YOU FIX IT?" Light gracefully emerges from these words, like a beacon of hope, transcending the sombre and embracing the transformative.

This sculpture is a quiet reflection on our role in the degradation of our ecosystem and the challenges of the Anthropocene era. It resonates with the humanitarian crises and the shadows of war that cloud our world. Yet, it refuses to surrender to despair. The inversion challenges us to re-evaluate our approach, to question the status quo, and to consider a path toward healing.

The radiant light that emanates from the sculpture is not just symbolic; it's a promise—a promise that we possess the power to mend, to restore, and to flourish. It reminds us that even when our world seems to hang upside down, we have the ability to set it right and create a future where our dreams can indeed flourish.


125cm, 125cm, 4cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Unique Piece
Licht, Stahl
Konzeptionell, Gesellschaft, Spiritualität, Ökologie
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