Sensory Itinerary at Natural Parc Montgri

This project aims to bring people closer to the unique ecosystem of the Pletera Itinerary at the river of the lower Ter/Medes islands. Through sensory discoveries and with a collection of artistic and handcrafted pieces, you are invited to contemplate the rough and natural envrionment where thousands of birds rest all over the year.

​These elements are uniquely designed for this territory and the inspiration comes from the environment itself.

​The project follows the philosophy of Universal Design, which is realized for everybody regardless of people abilities or disabilities.

Our aim is to encourage the improvement of our community values and promote a more respectful relationship with nature, through an innovative and creative proposal that combines nature, art and communication.


500cm, 500cm, 450cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Alle Kunstwerke von Domestic-Wild
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