Marina Jacob

Inter[no]face I

textile, steel, tin, aluminum, glass, wax
Group of site-specific objects addressing the shifts in the “verticality” of the relationship between humans and their numerous “others”.
The work seems to be appropriate to a site, a former Telekom workshop. It benefits from the architectural bleakness of the site. The facelessness of the industrial space connected naturally with the ethical theories denying a face and a gaze to animals. For a French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, a human face is the only one able of moral appeal. Playing a personal experience off against anthropocentric theories, the artist arranges the objects in liminal spaces, presses them into corners and doors.
The shapes and tensions of their parts reflect difficulties and disruptions of the interspecies communication.


85cm, 99cm, 350cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Textil, Metall
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