Manuela Granziol


Long ago there was a demigodess called Ignosi, whose knowledge was pure and immeasurable. She knew everything of all creation, gods, heroes, and man. She was associated with science, speech, literature, the arts and inspiration. She was also the gatekeeper for the process of gaining knowledge.

However, she was not allowed to to communicate this awareness to humanity.

...So powerful and beautiful were her skills, that not only did she become the most enlightened creature on earth, but she also felt compelled to share her learning with humans, even though that had been strictly forbidden by the Gods. Ignosi defied the gods and became pregnant in order to sow the seeds of 'cognition' on earth. This caught the attention of the gods who believed that humans with this insight and strength could soon become a threat to them.

For this outrageous act of disobedience against the will of the Gods, Ignosi was condemned to death by decapitation. In her last defiant act before passing however, she cleverly managed to communicate fragments of her wisdom to her twin daughters in her womb. Through them, fragments of knowledge and awareness seeped through humanity.


240cm, 200cm, 180cm (H├Âhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Papier, Mixed Media
Gesellschaft, Spiritualit├Ąt, K├Ârper
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