Jane Ball

Terras Aquilene running wild

‘Terras Aquilene running wild’ takes as its starting point a small piece of souvenir fernware, expanding it through DIY aesthetic and off-cuts of materials taken from domestic interiors to reflect contemporary relationships to nature. Like a dispersed seed it lands, displaced, back within the forest. The work investigates how objects that sit at the margins of the self can, in a moment, provide a portal to both expand and collapse our experiences, connecting us to new historical understandings, contemporary experiences and future potentialities

This work was commissioned by Selfscapes a research cluster that investigates the relationship between the self and environment, and the body and landscape as sites for interconnected experiences. It was included in a group exhibition at Dalby Forest, Yorkshire UK, April-July 2021. The project was supported by Forestry England and funded by Arts Council England.


Mixed Media
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