Daniella Rubinovitz

Flying Fish


“I used to dream of flying as if I were swimming.”  It turns out that swimming is the basis of flying. There is something here that makes sense to me. A curiosity is sparked. Here fish swim through the trees.

The duality of air and water mirrors each other. We are invited to experience what it’s like to walk through this underwater world without an additional breathing device. We can reflect on reality, evolution, time and place as fins transform to wings.

Flying Fish was sparked through a series of collage sketches with fish forms. I loved the feeling of an underwater forest. Fascinating. The metaphor of the forest being a sea of subconscious holds the mysteries that I feel among the trees. I am fascinated how the subconscious plays in daily life. Inspiration paired with feelings emerge to the surface.

In my art, I play with perceiving the world. I let bits of other realities become visible. My process is one of bringing memories up to the surface. As an art therapist, in my past life, this world is mysterious and holds answers. These answers appear when we are ready to accept them.


300cm, 800cm, 0cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Naturstoffe, Metall
Performance, Installation, Interaktiv, Realistisch, Monumental, Land Art, Abstrakt, Figurativ
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