Daniella Rubinovitz

Giant Pink Glasses


Our experience shifts when we look out through a frame, such as these pair of rose colored glasses. We choose our own boundaries of how we perceive the world. The concept of La Vie En Rose is a tribute to this perspectives. It is a tribute to the shift that looking through this porthole can bring.

This installation invites the public to interact and shift consciousnes.This sculpture has a performance quality that crosses multi-cultural boarders. The public takes on poses through selfie shots and video as they connect with the frames. The underlying concept of the rose colored glasses was grasped on a visual and physical level as participants lined up to take a moment to document their own performance.

The interaction showed bursts of play, joy, looking through the frame, cleaning our lenses, climbing a larger than life understood object, being a central core for family value and inspiration, and a common ground for friendship. A frame allows us to ponder how we see things around us. Eye glasses are about focus things inside the frame are sharp like a landscape filled with colorful tulips, or a historical royal palace.

In Keukenhof, 1 million visitors joined in during a 2 month period.
At Paleis Soestdijk, this installation was placed with an eye on the future for the historical palace. These frames added the element of challenging the public to predict its exciting future.


180cm, 400cm, 200cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Realistisch, Interaktiv, Land Art, Monumental, Abstrakt
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