┼¬la ┼áukyt─Ś

Sixty four million two hundred eighty five thousand tenth kilometer

"Is here a future or a past?", I was asked. My answer was :" here is present".
The project is based on experience of walking. I invite spectators to feel the difference of several ground layers: the layer of the park and the fragment of layer of the city. I, as a viewer, find myself in a situation where two different layers appear.
The project offers to get deeper into the concept of basis itself and to the layer itself as well.
What is beyond this basis? What is above it? What is it made of?

Sixty four million two hundred eighty five thousand nine kilometer is, according to statistics, a total length of the road in the world. In this project I am starting next kilometer, the tenth one, and continuing that layer of the city road here, in Oronsko sculpture park.


5cm, 300cm, 300cm (H├Âhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Beton, Sonstige, Mixed Media
Installation, Interaktiv, Konstruktiv
Natur, Gesellschaft, K├Ârper
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