noam ben-jacov

'dynamic body-sculpture'

I am fascinated by the simple… the daily small things in life.
In general all my works are responding to a personal situations or events.
Maybe… I am somehow the viewer and the participant at same time, on one hand the center of the unit, however, on the other hand, also the viewer, watching the ‘things‘ happening around…
Noam Ben-jacov has been developing his ‘body related work’ (body-sculptures) for a bit more than 30 years.
Creating the work I emphasizing on the mental, physic & movement,
relating to the human body as the ‘motor’, the center’ buildings, creating the construction around, with and on the body, paying much attention to the overall contact between sculpture & human body as well as to the sound the ‘work’ makes and just naturally not forgetting the space surrounding it all, ‘enjoying’ the restrictions taking, incorporating them along into this moving sculptural unite.
A unit where the human can define owns space ,room , saying space meaning the inside and outside space , a room where you can be in… caring it ,living in, thought of extension, sheltering with…in.
I am strongly believe in very personal self-expression and wanting my work to be as associative as can be, or perhaps just letting the work to talk …to scream… preferably to sing…. .


200cm, 300cm, 200cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Alle Kunstwerke von noam ben-jacov