Manuela Granziol

125451 Words: A Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

In this work, as well as in "The Question is Never Abut the Truth" the regular arrangement of sentences and words is disrupted. The resulting lack of order or “shredded chaos” is then manipulated in such a way to obtain a new tangible reality, in which chaos and silence cease to function as binary opposites. Chaos and silence become symbiotic and are dependent on one another. My aim, with these projects, is to explore the unknown realms between language and not-language, between communication (and its chaos causing misunderstandings), and silence (the chaos of the unsaid). In this context, chaos can be seen as a constitutive element of signs production in both language and silence. Silence is often seen as the reverse of language, however silence is an integral part of language, as not only does it divide and link sentences, but it is also to be found inside of them and is, furthermore, inhabited by them as well.

For "125451 Words: A Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy" I have painstakingly glued together, layer after layer, the shredded and jumbled words that once formed my thesis. It took me four years to select, order the existing knowledge on the topic and to formulate my contribution. I spent interminable hours determining the right boundaries between static order and incomprehensible chaos. Through shredding and reshaping my thesis into a still and impenetrable object I have drawn attention to the fact that the boundary between order and chaos is constantly in a state of flux and forever being redrawn.


15cm, 15cm, 15cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Papier, Mixed Media
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