Gudrun Nielsen

Changes 2010

Greenham Business Park, the former Royal Air Force World War Two airbase, Berkshire
This is Changes by the Icelandic sculptor Gudrun Nielsen, a monumental piece that has just been unveiled at Greenham Common where US bombers used to land – you get the references just by looking at it. Since the Greenham Common women saw off the last of the Right Stuff in 1988 the trees have returned along with the birds and the rest of the flora and fauna, and the military buildings have either been demolished or converted by the Greenham Common Trust which now owns it. Nielsen won a competition along with the late Michael Kenny, but that was 12 years ago and while Kenny’s large geometric form, Broken Symmetry, was unveiled almost immediately by Ringo Starr (a Kenny fan and local resident), Gudrun’s was a little tardy in taking off, as it were............... 17.11.2010 / Simon Tait's Diary


155cm, 200cm, 2400cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Mixed Media, Beton, Metall
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