Stephanie Rhode

Die Frau die Rosenblätter zählt

‘The woman who counts the rose petals’
Installation at the Cobra Museum Amstelveen NL
Installation- performance

During the performance, a young woman peels rosebuds, one by one. With much patience one rose petal after the other is removed from the roses and collected in different glass jars. On these glasses are stickers with the information about how much rose petals are in it and at which time and date they were counted. The installation changes daily. At the end of the exhibition, most glasses are filled. But some rose petals are already wilted. The installation reminds us of a factory where a stock of important things is produced. Every time the rose buds come to an end, new rosebuds are delivered and then the woman continues to count the petals. It is this repetitive action that gives it something meditative, but at the same time it is also somewhat unreal, maybe even nonsensical. The main idea behind this installation is:
’ What do we do all day long and why do we feel the need to constantly do something?’


220cm, 80cm, 160cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Sound, Video, Mixed Media, Metall
Performance, Installation
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