Linda Verkaaik

Wondering, 30 transparant tapestries and prints…

From my love for decoration, I have a big interest in old carpets. The beautiful colors, decorative patterns, the overall harmony the many, different in each recording; edges. And especially the symbolism behind the decorative element. In the hand-knotted carpet, the whole history and development of humanity to be found. Carpets let the centuries, seeing the handwriting of a people. Colors, borders, patterns were very typical of emotional expression of a particular culture. These rugs were made for special events in life, such as birth, marriage, death, mourning, fight ........ Still missing for me ... right in the middle ... that human drama ...remained hanging in a decorative vase to form, flower fields, or immediately fill otherwise.

In my carpet, I want to show similarities or differences in these events ... encounters between cultures, past and present. Today's world ... where a drifting mankind, within the world of museums carpet .... whereby the design of a witness ... humanity in harmony ..

From the same subject, are pictures of colored, antique Persian, Chinese, Western, Arab carpets, combined with contemporary black and white news photos. The concept of distance gives the impression of innocent fields flowers, colorful gardens. Near viewed opens up a world of a very different order .....! Over that his rap lyrics printed, which made young people on the theme 'meeting'. Or poems by writers. These lyrics are about everyday encounters and leave in relation to see the socially conscious pictures again met: a third layer, or a different perspective to look.


printed gaze, Sound
Installation, Klangkunst, Public Art, Land Art
Gesellschaft, Konzeptionell
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