ADA-MEE Artist

Main fields of work
painting on wood, sculpture, installation, assamblage, fotography digitally supported art and pigment prints on dibond / canvas.
Art means for me a challenge, and that's why I can't be involved neith inlinear, contently nor in draft. In doing so I get inspired by daily life and its various aspects, conflict situations and emotions, My features: "I develop my work until I can identify with them, they should reflect intensity and touch emotionally". My artworks also harmonise also with our artificial environment.

born in Germany,

course of architecture in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe - Germany. Graduate Engineer. Has been working as a free artist. Member in the Federal association of fine arts BBk (Bundesver-band Bildender Künstler Heidelberg) und Heidelberger Forum für Kunst.  

Education and working by Prof. Stohrer Stuttgart.

Training in lithography from stone in Heidelberg



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ADA-MEE Artist

ADA-MEE Artist

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