Ana Maria Negar─â

Ana Maria Negară was born on August 9, 1984, in Braila, Romania, she obtained the title of Doctor of Visual Arts at the "George Enescu" University of Arts in 2014, she graduated with a master's degree in sculpture (2008-2010) and the Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative and Design at the same specialization, from the "George Enescu" National University of Arts in Iasi in 2008. In 2010, Ana Maria Negară was admitted as a member of the "Union of Professional Artists (UAP) from Romania. She has four personal sculpture exhibitions - "Artistic Interferences" (2008, 2009) and "Inside" (2013), "Metaphysical Cages" U.A.P-Iași, Romania and in Vienna, Austria, participated in various exhibitions in the country, Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East.
Ana Maria Negar─â has published articles in various national and international specialized magazines and participated in countless national and international sculpture symposiums such as - Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 21th International Sculpture Symposium-Andres Institute of Art, Brookline, U.S.A, Symposium Ploie╚Öti International Sculpture Symposium - Ganey Tikva, Israel, Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su Pietre FVG, Venezia, Italy, "Silk Road" International Sculpture Symposium, Sohar- Oman, Venice- Italy, "Piatra din Galilea", Ma `lot-Israel,Sohar- Oman, Al Asmakh, Qatar, Modiin-Israel, Myths - 2017, Cyprus, 8th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium, Tehran-Iran, 6 K├Âm├╝rc├╝o─člu, Denizli- Turkey, Aswan-Egypt (2016), Ostraka ( Egypt), Panevezys, Lithuania (2015), Braila, Romania (2015).
Ana Maria Negara was artistic director of the "Gorj Fest" International Symposium in T├órgu Jiu, Romania (2012) and organizer of the Retezat International Art Symposium, sculpture department during 2009-2013, participated in numerous national and international collective exhibitions, received various awards, including the "Sculpture Award" - Annual Salon of the Union of Visual Artists - Ia┼či Branch - ARTIS 2022, "Sculpture Award" - Aterier 35, "Jury Award" - Annual Salon of the Union of Visual Artists, Ia┼či Branch ", "Debut Award" - "Annual Salon of the Union of Plastic Artists, Iasi Branch", Third Prize - sculpture - "Mihai Codreanu" Memorial Exhibition, Iasi, "Grand Prize" - Contemporary Art Exhibition "Modernart 2003", edition of 8th, Br─âila, 2nd Prize - Creative Camp, Poiana Pinului, Buzau, Sculpture Prize - Contemporary Art Exhibition "Modernart 2002", 7th edition, Br─âila, 2nd Prize - Creative Camp, Poiana Pinului, Buzau .
The artistic concept on which Ana Maria Negar─â's sculptures are developed reflects the spirit of the era in which we live and creates a dynamic-harmonic connection between theology, philosophy, science and art, thus becoming a transdisciplinary sculptural approach.

My creations are directly influenced by the times we live in, they are children of the spirit of the time in which they are created, then they are chosen and designed according to the culture of the country to which each project is intended and, most of the time, I take care as in the sculptures to find elements of the tradition, culture and customs of the people of that place, so that they can find themselves in what I give them, but in a modern form and taking into account: the location, the architecture and the size of the space, interior or externally, as appropriate.

The concept of my art reflects the spirit of the era in which we live and creates a dynamic - harmonic connection between nature, technology, philosophy, and art, thus my entire artistic approach becoming a transdisciplinary sculptural approach.

For example, sculptures such as "The Flower of Life", "The Beginning of the World", ÔÇŁEnergi fieldÔÇŁ or the cycle of sculptures "Chatarsis" are materializations, in a key as modern and current as possible, without changing their meanings, of some sacred, ancestral, existing and universal throughout the world.

In this way, the "Gate of Light" materialized into an extremely powerful visual object, made up of two elements, on the "arms" of which texts are engraved, an object that seems to be detached from science fiction films and that benefits from effects and avant-garde architectural elements, with a resounding initiative significance, appeared or "sent" as if from "other worlds", similar to the spirit and architecture of Saudi Arabia and especially of the city of Riyadh.

Or Not just "Eternity, but Infinity"..., also made up of two elements, two cubes

In the cycles of sculptures "The Beginning of the World", "The Universe" or "The Transcendent Spiral" their pattern is the spiral, a present symbol found in all traditions and cultures of the world, always understood as a symbol of continuity or even infinity, as a gate between heaven and earth , stairway to Heaven or portal to other worlds or levels of reality. Also, another universal symbol that I have repeated in several of my projects as an "armature" of the sculpture is the Flower of Life, a symbol with representations for over 6000 years and whose core is made up of the intersection of seven equal circles, distributed on the corners and center of a hexagon, like honeycombs. The symbol of the Flower of Life can be found as a compositional structure of the sculptures with the title "Human Evolution" or "Hora Unirii" where the concept of the sculpture is the materialization of the energetic and evolutionary connections that existence can manifest with the help of everything that surrounds us, whether we are talking about the world mineral, vegetable, animal.

The same symbol, of the "Flower of Life" is also present in the cycle of works with the same title, here referring to the idea that in its structure is hidden the "Map of the Universe", the form of time or the primordial structure of what we call matter but also of all realities that do not take material form, like love, hope, dreams and ideals, the fundamental joys we experience.

As I said above, I practice a transdisciplinary approach to sculpture, I want to combine and to bring together elements from art, science, philosophy and theology, which is precisely why I consider that both types of art are equally deep, beautiful, loaded with meaning and significance.

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Ana Maria Negar─â, 2021


Ana Maria Negar─â, 2017

Human Evolution

Ana Maria Negar─â

Catharsis - The Prayer

Ana Maria Negar─â, 2018

Flower of life II

Ana Maria Negar─â

Energy field

Ana Maria Negar─â


Ana Maria Negar─â


Ana Maria Negar─â, 2020

In the search of Liberty

Ana Maria Negar─â, 2023

The gate of light

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