M Janczak

My structures are inspired by military defense structures, brutalist architecture and eastern block monuments. The message of my art is simple. I’m thinking about my art as an act of war. My objects are aggressors, they are tearing apart the air with it’s edges, other time they are bonded in a deadlock. Sometimes they look like two pressuring bodies, next - like a military object. As Picasso once said, that “Art is a weapon of choice” - my sculptures are born to fight. They exist to remind, that to fight, doesn’t necessary mean to pick up a gun. You can be a painter, a philosopher, writer.. and in fact, make more impact with your ideals, than just simply killing. Visually my art is very raw in it’s approach and posture. Heavy, blocky shapes interacting with each other, intertwined in light and soft spoken compositions. Always white, gives the audience resemblance of antique in an almost spiritual experience. My abstract, minimal objects create a great contrast, when embraced by natural surroundings.

I'm an emerging sculptor with two years of experience. After spending almost a decade working as a designer for the biggest brands in the world I've been asked by Burberry - one of te biggest names in fashion industry to be one of their Senior Designers. I rethink my life and decided to escape the corporate world and be an artist. After less than two years I created already seven big format (almost each of them more less 3x3x3 meters) sculptures around the world (Taiwan, Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Spain). Im mainly working in wood, steel and concrete and my style is inspired by architecture, geometry and abstract, contemporary art.

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M Janczak, 2019


M Janczak, 2018


M Janczak, 2019


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