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Gerd Rucker - Einf├╝hrung

My work is inspired by botanical rarities, animal surfaces and marine biology. The rapidly disappearing diversity and colours of nature are intended to remindus of this in a threatening and decorative way.

I was born and grow up in Styria and have lived in Vienna since 2000. I had my education in art School for ceramics and pottery ( 1990 - 1994 ) and completed the masterclass for ceramics and design ( 1994 - 1996 ). Polymer clay, which I processed with metal, glitter, acrylic, ink and sytetic resin,has become my material. The eyes stands for our time, in which sozial Networks, alexa, siri and co. are constantly observing everyday life. They and corporations collect save our data making us glass objects and destroying our enviroment.

Kunstwerke (2)

Gerd Rucker, 2019

Friendly Stalagmite 1

Zu Friendly Stalagmite 1

Gerd Rucker, 2019

Friendly Stalagmite 2

Zu Friendly Stalagmite 2