Marian Meerbeek

Since my art education at the Willem de Kooning Academy I create sculpture installations and site specific projects.

I have exhibited at various locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Highlights include exhibitions in New York, Gemeentemuseum The Hague and Gemeentemuseum Helmond .

The common thread in my ephemeral works is formed by the elements of earth, water, air and fire. Alchemic experiments with the material are an important part of the working process.
The work is often made ​​specifically for a location and also built there. The works enter into a relationship with the environment and the public and refer to the history of the location.
Beforehand I search archives and the location for history, memories and stories. All this inspires me and provides elements to incorporate into my art.

My work is about transformation, memory and time. Memories arise from personal experience; imprints in the memory.These memories I try to reconstruct by looking for tracks such as remains, shadows, reflections. A story arises from remnants of past events.

The projects and installations are made of natural materials and non-tangible elements such as scent, sound and time: growth processes and weathering. All of these factors influence one another and transform the work.

About scent:

Scent is a powerfull generator of memories and makes you return to an event immediately. Of all the senses, scent is the strongest associated with memories. If you smell a scent, it is stored in the oldest area of the brains: the part of the brains that controls emotions and memory. Even before the speech development and use of tools, this part of our brains was already well developed. Scent is the most primal of all our senses, as only directly connected to the brains. Therefore memories that are generated by scent, are direct and strong. They are emotionally more intense experienced than other memories. Fragrances can cross hundreds of kilometers and whole life times.
Adress:    De Constant Rebecquestraat 86, 2518 RG Den Haag NL E-mail: Website:
Academie v. Beeldende Kunsten Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam Design Academy ( autonomic arts dept.), Eindhoven Postgraduate institute  IRAME, Den Haag Art in public space, Masterclass Cultuur & Ondernemen, Amsterdam MEMBERSHIP:
Pulchri Den Haag
Artists In Nature International Network Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers / Dutch Sculptors Society Sculpture Network, GE EXHIBITIONS (selection):
2015 De Heemtuin Verbeeld VIII Pulchri Den Haag: Voorjaarssalon Project Hangend Water, Galerie Kolff, Zoeterwoude Boterhal, Hoorn i.s.m. Terra
2014 Waterwerken, Terra Art Projects, Zoetermeer Jeux d’Esprit, Pulchri Den Haag Waterbollen project, Bieslandhof, Delft Beeld voor Beeld, Pulchri Den Haag
Serendipity, Haagse Kunstkring
2013 Land en Beeld Sculpture Park, Asperen Las Palmas, Rotterdam Vestingval, Elburg 2012 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag 'Geurenorgel', geurproject, Den Haag Herbal fragrance project Krefeld, GE 2011 Wolkenspiegels, installatie, Wassenaar Glastranen, installatie, Wassenaar Vuurwerk, kleistookproject Ned.Kring van Beeldhouwers, Boom, BE Eten als Einde, project STROOM, Den Haag 2010 voorBEELDEN, Ned.Kring v.Beeldhouwers, WG XPO Amsterdam Hangende tuin, geurenproject Terratorium, Zoetermeer Wit, project + dance performance DDDDD (chor. Thom Stuart), Zoetermeer
C.A.T. Gent, BE
Air bubbles installation, glass
Marian Meerbeek
Scent project: installation with sheep skins
Marian Meerbeek
Roots tree roots
Marian Meerbeek
Memory of the future. Modern fossils. Ceramic
Marian Meerbeek
Frog tree
Marian Meerbeek
Memento: tombstone floor
Marian Meerbeek
Cloud mirrors installation. Glass, water
Marian Meerbeek
Water bubbles. Recycled glass.
Marian Meerbeek
Water Lenses installation: metal, glass bowls,water,reflection,prism
Marian Meerbeek
Landart growth project
Marian Meerbeek
Mixed media, Terra cotta
Marian Meerbeek, Mixed Media, Ton
Transformation man/horse
Marian Meerbeek, Mixed Media, Ton
Transformation girl/deer
Marian Meerbeek, Mixed Media
Transformation man/gaot
Marian Meerbeek, Mixed Media
Series of extinct or endangered animals
Marian Meerbeek, Mixed Media, Naturstoffe
Installation mixed media
Marian Meerbeek, Holz, Mixed Media
Animal skull
Marian Meerbeek, Stein, Naturstoffe
Created during a stay at Sicily
Marian Meerbeek, Holz, Papier
Created of antique wood from collapsed Chapel at Sicily
Marian Meerbeek, Holz, Metall
Installation in situ built with local tree stems and branches during Kunstschouw
Marian Meerbeek, Holz, Installation
Tree trunk created from recycled paper from obsolete books and plant seeds
Marian Meerbeek, Mixed Media, Papier

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