Pia Græsbøll Ottesen

With a classical background and a touch of idea art whims, inspire I of the fragmentary element
  - There is only what should be.
Sculptor Pia Græsbøll Ottesen (Born 1967).

Performing sculptor with training from Aarhus Academy of Art - Sculpture line as well as a semester at Glasgow School of Art (1993-1997).

Diploma management training in art and culture from Odsherred theater school in collaboration with University College Sealand center for training 2011.

Member of
BKF (Chairman of BFK-middle 2012-16), ProKK, female artists´ Society (Coordinator of KKS MiddelNorth 2012- ), Sculpture Network, Wildlife one exhibition group and the graphic workshop Kirsten Kjaer Museum.

Book publication "sculpture in teaching" published by Buchs 2007 (supported by the Ministry of Education).
"Græsbøll" by sculptor Pia Græsbøll, has been writen in realation with Pia's 20 year anniversary.
"The Sweet Viking Cornor" in an 2 in 1 danish and english "dessert/baking" recipes based on ingredients that had in Denmark.

represented in

"Tracks in ceramics" and "ceramic profiles" of Annimi and Ane Maria Holst Schmidt (forthcoming publisher Rhodes).

represented in

"101 Artists" Encyclopedia 2009 October .. Editor Tom Jørgensen (publishing YES Aps).

A film about "outsider art" by Freddy Tornberg "Bifrost". 2010.

Project "vindus-kik" 2009. Cross Hazardous cooperation with 12 operators in Randers.

2012. Modelling task for Farmateket v. Bjarne Riis Nygaard on Viborgvej in Randers.

2012. Dino-profit shown in the King's garden in 2010 set in Hørmarken in Urbanplanen v. DR city in 2012.

Illustrations. On Article by conservator Thorkild Duch and To screenplay by Bente K Pedersen.

Set design, costumes and theater props.

"The Ballad of Talk Ville", built in the old town of Aarhus 1994. The theater group "what are now the states?" 1993

poster: Skagen Museum.

Article: For LKU.

2012 Product Drawing for Farmateket in Randers.

2010 Post Decorating for fences.

2010 Dino-dragon - Hørhaven in Urbanplanen on Amager set up in June 2012.

2003 Blotter pixie.

1999 Torso Dame.

1999 Bronze pig.

Model Work.

1995 Model work for the Natural History Museum in Skagen 1:10 boar family, wild horse and wolf.
2011 Holstebro church, competition, winner of the "urationelle crib" best new interpretation of   the Christmas story.
1993 Anonymous gives
1993 Governor K. path Mann's Foundation
1997 Marie Langhoff's Scholarship
1997 Karl Thyrresens Grant
2001 Aarhus Art Scholarship
2004 Merchants Louis Berlin and Miss Marie Poulsen's Fund
2005 Ministry of Education for the publication of "sculpture book for educational use."
2009 Resident Research Fellow at Loegumkloster retreat2010 Resident Research Fellow at Loegumkloster retreat
2013 Stay in BKF house for Easter exhibition at Fano art museum.
Group Exhibitions
2016  The International Biennale Riviera del Brenta-Venedig 
2017 Moj Atelje - Duna, Beograd - http://mojatelje.com/artists/graesboll-ottesen 
2017 7th lessedra international painting & mixed media competiton 
2017 15th lessedra world art print, annual 2017 
2016 15th lessedra world art print, annual 2016
2015 15th lessedra world art print, annual 2015
Censor exhibitions
2002 Artists' summer exhibition, Janus building
2001 Artists' summer exhibition, Janus building
2000 Artists' summer exhibition, Janus building
1999 Artists' summer exhibition, Janus building
1998 Artists' exhibition, Freedom
1998 Gallery 12 - Danmarks Radio
1997 Artists' exhibition, Freedom - debutant.

2017 "Lets rethink CYKLUS".  A contribution to Aaruhus-Erupean Cultur capital 2017. Guest Exhibitor. - http://www.cyklus-2017.dk/
2017 Pakhuset Hobro - KKS Middle north
2016 'A tribute to Anna Ancher "Skagen Odde Nature Centre-KKS
2016 Kirsten Kjær museum - KKS
2016 Ebeltoft Art Society - Tinghuset.
2016 Copenhagen Town Square 100th anniversary KKS
2015 PAKHUSgalleriet Nykøbing Sj. - udstillingsgruppen http://dyreliv-kunst.dk 
2015 Baunhøj mill "Characters" KKS MiddleNord2015 Kirsten Kjæs Museeum exhibition based on 100 years voting strong women -KKS middleNord2014 Queen Lund Art Center - www.dyreliv-kunst.dk2014 MNNKLand Art Rebild2014 Characters in space - action 8aug KKS middle Aarhus Town Square2014 Randers Art Week
2013 "Art by Gudenåen" a collaboration between Culture & leisure Dept. in Randers, Randers Nature Center and
Prof - Randers.
2013 Fano Art Gallery Easter exhibition of graphic artist Katja Herrik. The exhibition is a collaboration with
Artist Association.
2013 Project Jonna `s lake v. Fladbro inn with graphic designer Katja Herrik.
2012 An exhibition in the exhibition where the present meets the past and the new expression occurs interdisciplinary collaboration in between
Museum Jutland and Prof - Randers on the basis of the museum's collection of antiquities. Opened by museum d
Wadden bird and beach runner
Fiberbeton an chileneren shoes
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Mixed Media
Broccoli From Mars 2018
must hang on a wall. knitted wool, felt, piberenser, metal and wooden beads
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Textil, Metall
From at installation of tranformasion
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Metall
Waders at children's height
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Mixed Media
The planet for flower surprises
From Open call in a grup international exhibition "soft sculptur - Hard Thoughts" in Belgrade, SULUJ Gallerey.
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Mixed Media
Climate change
Polobar floden aloen on a EU palle.
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Mixed Media
Landmarks for Farmateket
Order assignment from logo to company at the building in Randers. fiberbeton and bronce.
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Beton, Bronze
set in the corner garden at the town of Dr. fiber concrete, tulle, brick and color pigment
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Keramik, Mixed Media
Dragon fly
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Mixed Media
Let`s Rethink Cyklus
Based on "four roads to Norddjurs - the sea, the lime, the land and the city of the city". Installation to ifm. Norddjurs municipality's contribution to the European Capital of Culture 2017 Harbor mumps and siv. Installation consisting of 7 parts on floor area 300 x 300cm
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Naturstoffe, Installation
2 piece rabbits in the washbasin and chair legs.
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Mixed Media
Piraternes siv lianer
Installation of 3 Norddjurs municipality's contribution to the European Capital of Culture 2017
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Naturstoffe, Installation
Filt, uld, træperle og rødgranit fra Åland
Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Textil, Stein

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