Eva Antonini

“There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art; and no better way of connecting with it than by Art.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe
My artistic and creative dimension depicts the transience of life, the fleetingness of the moment, represented in body fragments, some of which in metamorphosis between past and present. Body and head fragments, which carry the marks of time, the scars of life, contrasted by the harmony of the sculptures’ lines and movements, revealing the oneiric and beautiful side of our transit on earth. The coming and going of life, the short domain on earth, in which we leave imprints of our material state such as the body. The body as the soul’s “translator” into the visible.

Eva Antonini was born in Rapperswil, Switzerland and spent most of her formative years there before moving to Geneva. Already as a young girl she revealed a natural proneness and fascination for molding clay, matter that she will later privilege in the creation of sculptures of medium and large dimensions.

Her artistic soul tried finding many outlets, through music and dance and even through her studies in linguistics. She traversed many a path, in England, United States, Italy, Africa, Middle and Far East. The gems of experience gathered from all these journeys and cultural interactions were collected with care and tucked away into her soul that later in her life permeated into sculptures of clay, plaster, marble and bronze.

She received her first honours during International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence in 2005, followed by the first commissions for outdoor bronze sculptures.
In 2010 and 2012 some of her work was displayed at the Carrousel du Louvre, an international exhibition headed by the National Fine Arts Society of Paris.
In 2018 her works were awarded with a prize from Artemilano.

Her expository curriculum ranges from Switzerland, to Italy, from France to the United States. She lives and works in Ticino (Southern Switzerland).
2003 Mendrisio: MEART Sculptures in the village
2004 Lugano: PAX Insurance
2004 Rapperswil: Gallery Seewiese
2005 Savosa: Centro Atlantide
2005 Stabio: La materia e lo spirito Restaurant Montalbano
2006 Ascona: Fra sogni e risvegli Gallery Dartecon
2006 Lugano: Exhibit/charity auction - NGO ABBA Lugano
2006 Bellinzona - Castelgrande: I falsi volti Exhibit/charity auction -
Association Dialogare-Incontri
2008 Mendrisio: MEART Sculptures in the village
2008 Castione: Artist’Otto at La Fabrique
2009 Lugano Casino: Exhibit/charity auction - Swiss Society for MS
2009 Lugano: KBL Ltd Private Bank
2010 Mendrisio: MEART Sculptures in the village
2010 Lugano: Exhibit/charity auction at Casa Pasquée - SAM Massagno
2010 Roveredo (GR) and Castelrotto: Openart - openair sculpture exhibition
2011 Balerna: Terra e altrove Sala del Torchio, Solo exhibition
2011 Lugano: Open Gallery at Sestante Gallery, group exhibition
2011 Roveredo (GR): Openart - openair sculpture exhibition
2012 Lugano: Fire Anatomies UBS SA - solo exhibition,
2012 Lugano: Reminiscence Sestante Gallery - solo exhibition
2013 Dangio: NYB'13, group exhibit, realized by sculpture-network.org,
2013 Capriasca: OPEN STUDIO - 3-day open doors in various art studios
2013 Zurich: Art International Zurich - Internat'l Contemporary Art Fair
2013 Riva S. Vitale: Contrappunti - Solo exhibition sculptures and paintings
with Dina Moretti
2015 Mendrisio: NYB '15 International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture
with group exhibition at Perseo Fine Art Foundry

2016 Capriasca: OPEN STUDIO - 3-day open doors in various art studios
2018 Lugano: Artistic Festival "La carezza perduta"
2018 Lugano: Open Studio Capriasca
2018 Lugaggia: Christmas Open Studio

2005 Ferrara: Tra Realtà ed Emozione Castello Estense,
Associazione Culturale Ferrara ProArt
2005 Padova: Int'l art fair with Leonart Gallery
2005 Firenze: Int'l Biennal for Contemporary Art
(5th prize)
2006 Menaggio: Human Touch D'art Visual Gallery
2007 Menaggio: Eros D'art Visual Gallery
2007 Milano: Generazioni a confronto Oscar Signorini Foundation
2008 Bologna: Generazioni a confronto Galleria 9 Colonne,
Oscar Signorini Foundation
2008 Cannero Riviera: Incorporazione Gallery/hotel Il Cortile
2013 Biella: Solitudini allo specchio Bassanese Gallery
2014 Milan: Affordable Art Fair - Via Tortona 27, Milan
2014 Porto Cervo Group Exhibition - Simon Bart Art Gallery
2014 Poltu Quato Group Exhibition - Il Novecento Art Gallery
2014 S. Gimignano Group exhibition - Isculpture Art Gallery
2014 Casole d’Elsa Group exhibition - Isculpture Art Gallery
2015 Cannero Riviera: Hotel/Art Gallery Il Cortile
2015 Tradate Group exhibition - Officina Feniciana
2016 Milan: International Furniture and Design Fair
2018 Milan: ArteMilano, group exhibition at Steam Factory Milan
(Sculpture award)

2010 Marseille : SIAC Int'l Fair for Contemporay Art
2010 Lourmarin: Galerie du Temple
2010 Cogolin (St.Tropez): Trans'Arts Centre Maurin des Maures
2010 Paris: Salon 2010 de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre
2011 Mérindol: Sculpture Symposium and Exhibition, city centre
2011 Roquebrune s/Argens: Sculpture en Liberté group exhibition
2012 Paris: Salon 2010 de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts,
Carrousel du Louvre

2015 Ibiza: "Garden of Eden" P|Art Ibiza Gallery, Santa Eulalia

2006 New York: Ouvertures Agora Gallery, Chelsea, group exhibition

Various personal monographs, bibliographys, interviews, videos and articles on magazines.
For Details please see website www.eva-antonini.com - Publications
New Studio Opening Soiree 2018
watch short video:
Stoneware, metal oxides, Fired at 1260°C "SINTONIA" - Union, harmony, understanding: my wish to the world! Photo by Giuseppe Pennisi (professional photographer)
Eva Antonini, Keramik
Sintonia (detail)
Detail (Photo by Giuseppe Pennisi,professional photographer
Eva Antonini, Keramik
Dolore silenzioso
"Silent pain" Bronze sculpture
Eva Antonini, Bronze
Alta silentia
"Deep silence" Stoneware, metal oxides Wall sculpture
Eva Antonini, Keramik
(Bliss) Stoneware, metal oxides
Eva Antonini, Keramik

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