Sophie Marsham

I am a London based sculptor, who works with stainless steel, copper and reclaimed and recycled metals. At the Chelsea School of Art in London, I trained as a public artist and therefore much of my work is designed and made for installation in buildings or public spaces. I have been working since I graduated in 1993.

I am very interested in how you feel when observing natural objects in their environment. I am always aware of beautifully repeated patterns found in nature, such as a bird’s feather or petals of a flower. It is often that the smallest objects have been created with the most thought and precision. I use this as a starting point, when designing new pieces. I have created many large scale permanent sculptures around the world and have exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally.

2018 Sculpture at Doddington Park, Lincolnshire.
2018 Art For Cure at Glemham Hall, Suffolk.
2018 Cotswold Sculpture Park, Cirrencester, Gloucestershire.
2017 Sculpt at Kew. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.
2007-18 The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.
2015-16 Lacy Road Gallery, London.
2014-18 Lemon Street Gallery and sculpture Garden, Cornwall.
2014,16,17 ING Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries, London.
2014 Solo show at the Coningsby Gallery, London.
2013 The Palace Art Fair, London.
2013-14 Delamore Arts in Devon.
2007 Art In The Garden 07 at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire.
1994/03/06 Joint exhibition at Coningsby Gallery, London.
2002-6 Garden sculpture at Brighton Festival.
2001 Solo show at Kirshenbaum, Bond & Partners, NY, USA.
2000 Sculpture show, Workshop Wales, Wales.
1995/99 Solo show, Coningsby Gallery, London.
1994/96 Joint show, Lemonade Factory, London.
Made from solid cast bronze on a square granite plinth.
Sophie Marsham, Bronze, Metall
Solid cast bronze moon.
Sophie Marsham, Bronze, Metall
Photographed in the Highlands of Scotland, this sheep sculpture is life-sized and made from reclaimed objects.
Sophie Marsham, Mixed Media, Metall
Made for the foyer of Leo Burnett advertising Agency, London
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Stahl
Created for an event for the Adobe software company, made entirely from Bic biros.
Sophie Marsham, Mixed Media, Kunststoff
Made from found objects including a disused mangle and car exhaust pipes.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Mixed Media
Made for the flagship store of Pret a Manger in London.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Installation
Made from a discarded spring mattress and found objects.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Mixed Media
Made from an old oil container and found objects.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Mixed Media
Made from antique pen nibs cast in acrylic resin, suitable for inside of outside. Hangs from trees with stainless steel cables.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Kunstharz
Created using found objects. Made to order, each box is unique.
Sophie Marsham, Mixed Media, Metall
Made from individually welded steel forms, stacked onto a central pole.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Stahl
These large stainless steel angelfish were commissioned by the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman. Suspended from the ceiling on stainless steel cables.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Stahl
500 OWLS
500 stainless steel owls hanging from the ceiling in the double height atrium of the Aspria Club in Hamburg, Germany. Designed in collaboration with light artist Elke Harras.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Stahl
200 stainless steel silk moths flying from a chimney.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Stahl
At 6m high, I created 2 large scale sculptures for a shopping centre in Cheltenham, UK.
Sophie Marsham, Metall, Stahl

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