Viviane Brickmanne

I cast my works in bronze. My MUTANTS series portrays stylized young girls who unsuccessfully attempt to escape the earth and reach an impossible freedom.
Currently I also cast in aluminium after having begun a new line of investigation in BRICKS, a construction element that I transform to give it a new significance and appearance. Lately I am using new materials more adapted to the idea I want to develop, considering the brick as a metaphor of the vulnerability and fragility of our lives.Here the bricks reflect emotions, feelings, even suffering. That's why I've realized a pendant to collaborate with an NGO for the rebuilding of Alepo.
- Belgian - Resident in Spain.

- Studio: Torrelodones (Madrid)

- Liberal Arts graduate from the University of Louvain (Belgium)

- Member of the board of directors of the Foundation Carlos de Amberes.

Artistic training:

- Atrium, academy of drawing and painting. Madrid.

- Brita Prinz, serigraphy workshop. Madrid.

- Escuela de Cerámica de la Moncloa, school of ceramics. Madrid.
2008: Zaragoza (Spain), Belgian pavilion at the International EXPO exhibition on water.

2010: Torrelodones (Spain), Arts Center - "Correspondencias"

2011: Madrid (Spain), Art Gallery "Atalante" - "Air"
Revista Plaform Press. Abril 2000.

Revista "Plus es más" Spring 2012. "Viviane Brickmanne, escultora emergente"

Proyecto sobre Conservación de Escultura Contempóranea". Estudio de la escultura "Euridice" para la Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2014. Ana Seisdedos Ribera.

2021. Bruxelles Art Vue.Art publisher. Mutants selected.
2004: I Premio Primavera de Escultura - Asociación Internacional de Mujeres en las Artes - España .
Group Exhibitions
2012: Spain - Madrid, Art Gallery Atalante - "Encontr'Arte".


Belgium - Brussels,  "L'Art pour l'Accueil"

USA - New York, Affordable Art Fair

USA - Santa Fe, Art Santa Fe

South Corea - Daegu,  Artistas españoles en Corea


Spain - Arts Centre, Torrelodones,"Femineidades"

Spain - San Sebastián, Donostiartean, I International Art Fair

Belgium - Brussels, Adopt Art

Deutchland - Hamburg, Affordable Art Fair

2015:   Belgium - Brussels, Affordable Art Fair.


Spain - Madrid, DEARTE: XV International Art Fair (25-28 February)

Spain - Arts Center, Torrelodones,  "Femineidades II"

International Art Fair : Berliner Liste. (Germany)
Feriarte. Art and Antiques Fair. Madrid

SumARTE Ateneo – Madrid
Studio Lisboa 018. Portugal
Cannes Art3F 2018. France

2019: Be a woman and smile. esARTE Gallery. spain (Marbella)

2020: Tribute to women. Art Centre. Navacerrada (Madrid)

2021: Artist Experience Art Fair. Madrid.
Ascending Structure
Construction based on bricks.
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Grace I
A inventive construction made out of bricks.
Viviane Brickmanne, Kunstharz, Metall
Pyramid Structure
This construction reminds me of a pyramid, but the interpretation is free and I don't like to explain too much.
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Open structure with captive and waste pomegranates
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Open structure with 5 pomegranates
Open construction with 5 decomposing pomegranates.
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Blood brick
A red and perforated brick that suggests suffering and fragility.
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall

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