Viviane Brickmanne

I'am investigating with BRICKS, a construction element that I transform to give it a new significance and appearance. My work focuses on exploring the shapes and meanings that bricks receive when I remodel them. I cast my works in bronze and aluminium. Lately I am also working with state-of-the-art technologies more adapted to the idea I want to develop, considering the brick as a metaphor of the vulnerability and fragility of our lives. Here the bricks reflect emotions, feelings, even suffering. I've realized a pendant to collaborate with an NGO for the rebuilding of Alepo. My MUTANTS series portrays stylized young girls who unsuccessfully attempt to escape the earth and reach an impossible freedom.

- Belgian - Resident in Spain.

- Studio: Torrelodones (Madrid)

- Liberal Arts graduate from the University of Louvain (Belgium)

- Member of the board of directors of the Foundation Carlos de Amberes.

Artistic training:

- Atrium, academy of drawing and painting. Madrid.

- Brita Prinz, serigraphy workshop. Madrid.

- Escuela de Cerámica de la Moncloa, school of ceramics. Madrid.
2008: Zaragoza (Spain), Belgian pavilion at the International EXPO exhibition on water.

2010: Torrelodones (Spain), Arts Center - "Correspondencias"

2011: Madrid (Spain), Art Gallery "Atalante" - "Air"
Revista Plaform Press. Abril 2000.

Revista "Plus es más" Spring 2012. "Viviane Brickmanne, escultora emergente"

Proyecto sobre Conservación de Escultura Contempóranea". Estudio de la escultura "Euridice" para la Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2014. Ana Seisdedos Ribera.

2021. Bruxelles Art Vue.Art publisher. Mutants selected.
2004: I Premio Primavera de Escultura - Asociación Internacional de Mujeres en las Artes - España .
Group Exhibitions
2012: Spain - Madrid, Art Gallery Atalante - "Encontr'Arte".


Belgium - Brussels,  "L'Art pour l'Accueil"

USA - New York, Affordable Art Fair

USA - Santa Fe, Art Santa Fe

South Corea - Daegu,  Artistas españoles en Corea


Spain - Arts Centre, Torrelodones,"Femineidades"

Spain - San Sebastián, Donostiartean, I International Art Fair

Belgium - Brussels, Adopt Art

Deutchland - Hamburg, Affordable Art Fair

2015:   Belgium - Brussels, Affordable Art Fair.


Spain - Madrid, DEARTE: XV International Art Fair (25-28 February)

Spain - Arts Center, Torrelodones,  "Femineidades II"

International Art Fair : Berliner Liste. (Germany)
Feriarte. Art and Antiques Fair. Madrid

SumARTE Ateneo – Madrid
Studio Lisboa 018. Portugal
Cannes Art3F 2018. France

2019: Be a woman and smile. esARTE Gallery. spain (Marbella)

2020: Tribute to women. Art Centre. Navacerrada (Madrid)

2021: Artist Experience Art Fair. Madrid.
Ascending Structure
Ascending construction with bricks that suggest a building/tower 1/3
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Grace I
An inventive construction made out of bricks. First a drawing on paper and next on screen with 3D Technique. Realised in factory Materialise (Belgium. Louvain) and finally covered in metal.
Viviane Brickmanne, Kunstharz
Pyramid Structure
Construction which form reminds of a pyramid. The air circulates through open spaces and becomes part of the work itself. Ascending line.
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Open structure with captive and waste pomegranates. I've created a dialogue between an architectural element and a plant. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Open structure with 5 pomegranates
Open construction with 5 decomposing pomegranates. I pick up decomposing plant elements in order to capture the traces of passing time caused by wind, rain, soil or the human hand. I then incorporate them into my working process so that they lose their vulnerability and become durable. All decomposition halts. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Blood brick
A red and perforated brick that suggests fragility while the brick is perfectly shaped. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
In memoriam Alepo I
Installation of broken bricks. I am deeply impressed by the destruction of cities due to war or natural disasters. Destroyed homes and buildings are a sign of suffering and desperation wherein bricks carry a great emotional burden.
Viviane Brickmanne, Installation, Keramik
In memoriam Alepo II
Installation of a destroyed city, in remembrance of Alepo. Contrast and harmony between bricks and nature.
Viviane Brickmanne, Installation
This piece represents a destroyed city. It is timeless because cities have always been destructed by wars or natural desasters. I like the shadows projected on the wall that give this piece an otherworthly beauty. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Bronze, Metall
Lifting brick
I've taken the brick out of content. I lifted it to reinforce the feeling of lightness. The circles are deformed. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Kunstharz, Metall
Unfinished Construction
My work focuses on exploring the shapes and meanings that bricks receive when I transform them and remodel them. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall, Ton
Here the brick refers to suffering that is represented by the red nails "wounding" it. The two parts of the brick can be placed in many different ways. It is made of resin, the nails are in bronze. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Kunstharz
Dissembled tower
An imaginary and open building. The part above is aluminum. The part below (iron) is the opposite reflection of the upper part. The highest work I've made so far. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall, Ton
The man's hand
This sculpture symbolizes devastation. The letters attached refer to destroyed cities as a result of human actions: Alepo(Syria); Palmira(Syria); Chernobyl(Ukraine); Saná(Yemen); Beirut(Lebanon); Bagdad(Iraq); Nagasaki(Japan); Kabul(Afghanistan); Homs(Syria); Jartum(Sudan); Mogadiscio(Somalia)... Sculpture to be hanged up, the upper part separately or together with the small odd pieces that are falling. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Metall
Pendant bricks
I made this pendant to collaborate with the NGO Rescate (Acnur) that is rebuilding homes, hospitals and schools in Alepo (Syria) recycling rubble. The bricks are covered with a layer of gold (24 carats) or silver; or lacquered in red, black or brick red. This brick is patented and signed.
Viviane Brickmanne, Kunstharz
Grace II
This work is another version of Grace I. I make often two versions of a work, maybe to amplify its content. The difference with Grace I is very subtle, it is about rythms between circles and planes that are managed differently. 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Kunstharz
I like to introduce decayed elements into the brick, such as these long old nails. 1/3
Viviane Brickmanne, Bronze
Juxtaposition of round and spiky, both parts necessary to enhance the other parts quality 1/1
Viviane Brickmanne, Bronze, Sonstige
Invasive nature
I like to put together various elements such as bricks and vegetables. 2/3
Viviane Brickmanne, Bronze
Mutant IV
Young girl whose wings are made of bricks.The other Mutants can be seen on my website. 2/7
Viviane Brickmanne, Bronze

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