Sigita Dackeviciute

Recently, there was a solo exhibition of my installations “(Ecological) Alterations” (in Klaipėda Culture Communications Centre, on 02 26–03 28 2021). In it, I showed works created on the topic of ecology.

My installations unite several starting points. These are a focus on processes (as opposed to unchanging, „frozen“ states), „becoming other“ (an attempt to feel yourself „on the border“, or simply „in someone else’s shoes“), and questioning or ironic attitudes towards conventional hierarchies. Alterations are small, sometimes barely perceptible changes in appearance, condition, structure, in music it is a change in tone or halftone.

The lines of artistic research of the installations meander through ecological themes and the junctures/intersections of nature and technology. The motifs of the works stemmed from my personal experiences, various encounters in ecologically sensitive contexts, intensities and changes of sensations. The works do not provide answers; only try to reveal the complex relationship of modern man to nature.

The thematic tension is maintained by the contrasts of forms, materials and rhythms: floating polyester shapes and “frozen” silhouetted movements, saw-blade-like sharp metal edges and fluffy (real or fake?) fur, rectangular computer code rhythms in blue screen light and natural structures of vegetation. Different shapes and rhythms interact with visual references in various ways: they reinforce or contrast them, creating additional, contradictory layers of significance.

Vitual Tour at Klaipėda Culture Communications Centre:
Virtual tour of the exhibition on youtube

Education: 1977 – 1983 Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania), Department of Sculpture (Master of Fine Arts).
2008-2013 Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania), Department of Philosophy (B.A. in Philosophy). 
2014-2016 Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania), Department of Philosophy (M.A. in Philosophy). 
Employment: from 1983 – Teacher of arts (Kaunas Art Gymnasium); teaching sculpture, composition and drawing.
January 2015 - solo sculpture exhibition "Anathomy", Kaunas' City Museum (Kaunas' Castle).
June 2014 - solo sculpture exhibition, St. John's street gallery, Vilnius.
January 2013 – solo sculpture exhibition, St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
June 2013 – solo sculpture exhibition, Kaunas’ Artist House, Kaunas, Lithuania
2015 – Diploma of the Lithuanian Artists Association in the joint exhibition „The Best artwork of the year“, Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis.
2013 – Individual State Grant of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for art and culture creators (for personal sculpture exhibition)
2011 – “Sculpture of the year’10” – Diploma for the most outstanding small sculpture of 2010
2008 – Lithuanian Print Exhibition “Estampas 07 – Honorable mention 
2006 – 5th Egypt International Print Triennial – Certificates of merit
Group Exhibitions
December 2016 – sculpture installations in the joint exhibition (together with two painters), Art gallery „Meno parkas“, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2015-2016 Group exhibitions in the gallery “Rossocinabro”, Rome, Italy (curator Cristina Madini, Joe Hansen).
May 2015 – Romart 2015, International Biennial of Art and Culture (curator Amedeo Demitry), Rome, Fierra di Roma.
November  2014 – Quadriennial of Contemporary Art Q14 „Art on a flagpole“ (organised by Lithuanian Artists Association; curator V. Zukas), exhibition hall Basteja, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2010 - 2014 – 5-year project “Sculptors read Donelaitis” (curator D.Matulaite), exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad: Germany (Gerlitz), Spain (Madrid), Russia (Kaliningrad), Bielorussia (Minsk), Poland (Warsaw).
 May-June 2013 – Exhibition of Sculpture and Graphic Art “Potency”, Picture gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas; June-July 2013 – Siauliai Art gallery.
November 2012 – small sculpture exhibition “Exchange” (curator J.Belevicius), Klaipeda, Lithuania.
April 2011 – “Sculpture of the year ’10” (curator M.Zavadskis), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
May 2010 – “The sculpture of the year ’09” (curator M.Zavadskis), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. Diploma for the most outstanding small sculpture of 2010.
Nature/Civilization II
Fragment of Installation Nature/Civilization: "Evolution, coding of the image: The Calves in me dream about the Canola fields". (Silhouettes depict QR code motifs. Plastic screen depicts digital code of the Canola field.)
Sigita Dackeviciute, Metall, Kunststoff
Nature/Civilization I
Silver Fox. Fragment of Installation Nature/Civilization I. Approximately 100 million animals are reared and killed for their fur. Scientists have proven: farmed beasts are pets. Therefore, they are not subject to wildlife protection laws ( Fur is: incarcerated, insufferable, inhumane (
Sigita Dackeviciute, Mixed Media, Metall
"Choir" of colourful human-rat hybrids can be interpreted differently
Sigita Dackeviciute, Installation, Mixed Media
Inner feeling of intensity, installation
Sigita Dackeviciute, Mixed Media
Screen Light
Virtual, (un)real reality seems to hypnotize us, tying us to the devices that give us that reality. The face of Gorgon-Medusa is an improvisation on the portret of Medusa by neo-baroque French sculptor Laurent-Honoré Marqueste. ("Perseus Kills Medusa", 1903). Although the myth of Medusa has often been interpreted in feminist contexts, another aspect of the ambiguous myth has been chosen for this work: the three Gorgons sisters were winged sea monsters with snakes instead of hair, and whoever looked them in the eye was petrified. The screaming Gorgon-Medusa expresses the effects of the blue screens, the state of freezing when immersed in the screen, and also the effort to free yourself from imprisonment on the screens.
Sigita Dackeviciute, Kunststoff, Mixed Media
Fragment: "I am fox"
Sigita Dackeviciute, Kunststoff, Mixed Media

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