David Vanorbeek

David Vanorbeek SCULPTURES (ART @ Corbières Minervois)
Creator of dialogue between art and nature, seeking (corporate) sponsorship to build a Sculpture Park open to the public. Art and Nature, Art and Sharing, Art and Awareness (for the first two) will be the pillars.

Créateur de dialogue entre l'art et la nature, à la recherche du mécénat (d'entreprises) pour réaliser un Parc de Sculptures ouvert au public. Art et Nature, Art et Partage, Art et Sensibilisation y seront les piliers.
https://www.cotizup.com/parc-de-sculptures-public (crowdfunding)

Permanent exhibition at home
@ Azille, Aude, France

Shows in 7 countries
Independent Sculptor
David Vanorbeek Sculpteur
30 dec. 1968, Louvain, Belgique
Lives, works in Aude, France

• Artiste Indépendant depuis '99, autodidacte dans l'Art et autodidacte dans le travail du Métal.
• La Maison des Artistes / URSSAF: Artiste-Auteur
• Nr. de Siret
Sales Public Places
-Les zoos d'Anvers et Malines en Belgique
- Kasteeltuinen, Arcen, Venlo
- Port-Barcarès, Fr, allee-des-arts
- Musee sans murs à Font-Romeu (Fr)
- Art en Cenne à Cenne-Monestiés
- Mayronnes, le sentier sculpturel
- Châteaubourg (Mairie)
- Eco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher à La Gacilly
- Canet-en-Roussillon, l'Arboretum Mas Roussillon
- Carrières-sous-poissy, Musée "La Maison des Insectes) @ le Parc du Peuple de l'Herbe
- Ijzerenberg, Leuven
- ...
Boutique / Shop

Ik heb zeer veel kunstwerken, aan zeer betaalbare prijzen, die maar één behoefte hebben en dat is liefde !!!
J'ai beaucoup d'œuvres d'art, à des prix très abordables, qui n'ont qu'un besoin, c'est l'amour !!!
I have many artworks, at very affordable prices, with only one need one, that's love !!!

PROJECT / Public Sculpture Park
Crowdfunding with rewards --- Public Sculpture Park ---

Hello and welcome to this project

In life there are many things that are important to me ...

I believe in art and I have the utmost respect for nature.

Both, as well as the combination of the two, should be part of and accessible in the life of each of us!

Art and Nature

Art and Sharing

Art and Education

will be the pillars of my future project,


Realistic, doable or not will be the question of the day more than once in the coming months !?
Mégalo X
Megalo X
David Vanorbeek, Metall
Les yeux sur l'horizon
David Vanorbeek
Le Cercle Carré
Le Cercle Carré The squared Circle
David Vanorbeek, Metall
Before Time changed us. Metal
David Vanorbeek
Yellow Abstract
Yellow Abstractin private collection
David Vanorbeek, Metall
La Crise The Crises
David Vanorbeek
"Le C" sold to the Town of Châteaubourg, Bretagne, France
David Vanorbeek
MetalloTextile Vanorbeek David and Magnin Natalie After being active for 15 years in their own professionalism, Natalie Magnin (Textile Art) and David Vanorbeek (Metal Art) combine their arts. MetalloTextile was born, where the Metal meets the Textile, where hard meets soft, cold - warm, rust - purity ... where the man meets the woman, ... Like in the Taoism, the harmonious interaction of opposites is the strength, the sweetness of this work. Recycling, recuperating, respect for nature is fundamental. The materials get a second life in this new form. The felted wool, the recuperated textiles printed with rusted metal objects, and the iron always recycled, create the natural balance. The first exhibition of the artist couple was in January-February 2012 in The House of the Region, the Regional Council, Carcassonne. A second show was from 17 until 20th of Mai in the Haute Vallée of the Aude : Artistesasuivre.
David Vanorbeek
L'œil fait Voleur Recycling Metal Weldd
David Vanorbeek
Mégalo X Recycling Metal Welded
David Vanorbeek
Pneu / Wheel
David Vanorbeek
David Vanorbeek
Metal Sculpture
Recycling metal
David Vanorbeek, Metall
Metal Wallhanging
Recycling www.vanorbeek.com
David Vanorbeek, Metall
Metal Art
David Vanorbeek, Metall
Warning from Nature
The coronavirus as well as other viruses come to us because we ignore and disrespect nature!!! #zoonose
David Vanorbeek, Metall
Parc de Sculptures
Looking for "investors" to create a sculpture park in the area where I live (South of France - La Minervois). Text about what, where, why and how is in French & in English in the link below. https://www.cotizup.com/parc-de-sculptures-public
David Vanorbeek, Stahl, Metall
For Sale
J'ai beaucoup d'œuvres d'art, à des prix très abordables, qui n'ont qu'un besoin, c'est l'amour !!! I have many artworks, at very affordable prices, with only one need one, that's love !!! ==> PIECES 100% UNIQUES (PU) & ORIGINALES !!! <== www.vanorbeek.com/fr/contact/boutique-shop-nouveau-new/
David Vanorbeek, Metall, Stahl
Smaller Star
Artorks for sale @ www.vanorbeek.com boutique-shop
David Vanorbeek, Metall, Metall

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