Januar 2018
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sculpture network start'18 in Helsinki, Finland: The Association of Finnish Sculptors

Sculpt the world with us – Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zu start'19, dem internationalen Fest für zeitgenössische Skulptur

Sculpt the world with us – You are cordially invited to start'18, the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture

Welcome to celebrate the start’18 with us to Galleria Sculptor Jan 28th 2018!

Gallery open 12–16 (12 to 4 pm)
start’18 video at 13.30 (1.30 pm) local time (11.30 GMT 0)
Artist talk by Aiko Tsukahara at 14.00 (2pm)


Refreshments and guiding to the exhibition will be available during the whole day.

On display:

Aiko Tsukahara

Aiko Tsukahara’s works are based on her interest in space and architecture as a comprehensive concept, especially concerning the ambiguous boundary between nature and artefact as well as fictional and historical context. What characterizes her conceptual work is her delicate handicraft and finely tuned working methods to combine structural experiments and the power of the chosen materials.

The exhibition Monument of Solitude, which consists of sculptures and projection works, explores the core of the themes ‘sense of belonging (nowhere)’ and ‘notion of home/homelessness’ through examining architectural motives that evoke Solitude in human creation.

More about the exhibition: https://sculptors.fi/exhibition/aiko-tsukahara/

Photo: Bunker by Aiko Tsukahara. Photographer: Jaakko Koskentola

Gallery Sculptor
Eteläranta 12
00130 Helsinki


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