Januar 2018
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sculpture network start'18 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: College of Fine of Arts and Design

Sculpt the world with us – You are cordially invited to start'18, the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture starting at 11 am

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition Sculpture and Architecture held in Rewaq Gallery in CFAD, University of Sharjah

Opening:  28th of January 2018 followed by the gallery tour

Exhibition running from 28th of January to 4th of February 2018 in Rewaq Gallery, CFAD, University of Sharjah
Gallery opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm

Workshops held in CFAD:
Running from 28th of January to 4th of February 2018
ceramic (hand-building and pottery), free standing clay portrait, origamic architecture, soap sculpture making (casting), rubber molding.



We are privileged to be part of the University of Sharjah, one of the prestigious and leading educational institutions in the Middle East and Gulf region. Located in the heart of the beautiful University City of Sharjah, CFAD has its own building, which houses many adequately equipped studios, and provides a rich infrastructure for printing, photography, wood, metal, paper, plastic, and modeling workshops. In addition to these up-to-date arts and design facilities, our students also enjoy easy access to a wide range of other learning materials and recreational activities including computer labs, galleries, libraries, amphitheaters, cafeterias, etc. A new extension to the college building is also underway to provide additional space for study, research and group work.



College of Fine of Arts and Design
Sharjah Univrsity, University City
27272 Sharjah
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

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