Januar 2019
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sculpture network start'19 in Damer House Gallery, Roscrea Co. Tipperary:

The Damer House Gallery is based within the Damer House and Roscrea Castle Heritage Centre, which sits in the heart of an historic old town with a history going back to the 6th Century. Damer House Gallery opened its door in 2013 for a new artists-run,
non-profit space for contemporary art, in Roscrea Co. Tipperary.

A collaborative artistic research project, opening a new critical space within which to create/produce a platform for public awareness for art and criticism, through the presentation of contemporary art practice/ dialogue, public discussions, and publications with unorthodox interventions, in order to explore what a great critical art forum could be for art and for the public in the Midland of Ireland.

Damer House Gallery
Damer House and Castle
Castle Street
Roscrea / Co. Tipperary

Damer House Gallery
Castle Street
Roscrea / Co. Tipperary

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