Januar 2019
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sculpture network start'19 in Finissage artproject OUR LEGACY, Veldhoven:

Sculpt the world with us – Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zu start'19, dem internationalen Fest für zeitgenössische Skulptur

De Kunstpraktijk celebrates with a finissage the end of the artproject OUR LEGACY.

De Kunstpraktijk presented three different artexhibitions with the theme OUR LEGACY in gallery and B&B of De Kunstpraktijk during September 2018 / January 2019.

Programm - for artists and non-artists

11.00  opening start '19

11.30  a great brunch in the gallery in the middle between the artobjects of exhibition OUR LEGACY III - for artists and non-artists!

          Artists who participated in art project OUR LEGACY get the opportunity to present themselves with beamer and pictures during or after the brunch.

For interested parties the possibility to look in the kitchen of these artists!

14.00  workshop 'the power of storytelling' by Hester Macrander, trained as theatre director, theatre teacher and Dutch teacher, international certified Trainer in connecting communication. She combines language and theatre, behavior and                                  communication.

           People tell stories. What we have experienced, our reality, gets meaning in a story. By sharing this with another person, you increase the
meaning and you can also contribute to the welfare of others.
Perhaps the story is comforting for them, or amusing, or exciting. By telling it more often it becomes more and more a story in itself.                What was once true, gets further out of sight. The story becomes a story in itself. This actually becomes art.

        This afternoon we will practice: making meaningful stories from small anecdotes, which are becoming increasingly detached from reality.
        In the end reality does not matter.
It is a meaningful story.

If you are interested in this day, also for non-artists, and would like to participate in the activities, please contact De Kunstpraktijk / Aurelia van der Burght.

        Tickets: brunch € 2,50, workshop € 2,50. 

16.00  Let's party

Welcome at De Kunstpraktijk in Veldhoven -The Netherlands!

De Kunstpraktijk - gallery, bed&breakfast, atelier -

Dorpstraat 6A, 5504 HH Veldhoven - The Netherlands



Artists who took part of these three exhibitions OUR LEGACY

9.12 / 27.01.2019 exhibition OUR LEGACY III designed by visual artists
Hetty de Boer-Blonk, Ine ter Bogt, Aurelia van der Burght,
Lidwina Carpentier, Fred Geven, Julia Gübitz, Loek Hambeukers,
Mari Fey, Jef Bertels, Geoffy Salmon, Roos Terra,
Anne Marie van den Thillart, Margit Rijnaard, Maria de Vet,
Carine Weve, Cindy van Woudenberg

21.10 / 2.12.2018 exhibition OUR LEGACY II designed by visual artists
Esther Schaminée, Dagmar Marent, Meike Kurella,
Kevin de Vries, Max van de Meulegraaf, Fatima Cup

They were part of C-section The Musical, a collective of students from the entire academic year of visual arts at the academy AKV | St.Joost, Breda. With success this group of students graduated in summer 2018 and received the Sint Joostpenning!

09.09 / 13.10.2018 exhibition designed by visual artists
Tessa van Helden, Robin Gerris


More information about artproject OUR LEGACY at De Kunstpraktijk: 





Finissage artproject OUR LEGACY
Dorpstraat 6A
5504 HH Veldhoven


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