Januar 2019
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sculpture network start'19 in Sculpture international, Rhodes:

Sculpt the world with us – Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zu start'19, dem internationalen Fest für zeitgenössische Skulptur

Here in Rhodes island, the announcement of start ’19 gathered together sculptors from different countries around the world.

Some of those artists visited the Art Park in the previews New Year’s exhibitions of Sculpture network and they wanted to participate in the next one, so now everybody is happy to work towards the new event.

As well we had a very positive feedback from art enthusiasts that had visited the previews exhibitions of Sculpture network we participated, so we are expecting a lot of art lovers that day.


The day will start with a welcome drink, at 11 am, and at 11.30 we will watch on our projector screen the welcome video from Sculpture network. Just after this the exhibition will start, the visitors can go around our gallery, looking to the sculptures and talking to the artists.


Sculpture international
85106 Rhodes

Persönlich für Sie da

Damon Papakiriakou

your contact persons

Martina Fischer
+49 (0) 89 51 68 97 93

Nina Gramüller
+49 (0) 89 51 68 97 91
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