Januar 2019
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sculpture network start'19 in Est_Art Space, Alcobendas:

Sculpt the world with us – Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zu start'19, dem internationalen Fest für zeitgenössische Skulptur

Start´19 in Est_Art Space!!!

We will be delighted if you share with us start´19, the international celebration of contemporary sculpture / art in 3 dimensions.

We are the only place in Madrid that joins the 21 countries participating in this celebration.

Est_Art Space, is located in Calle La Granja 4 in Alcobendas, about 10 Km. from Madrid (parking for customers; subway 1 minute from our facilities, L-10  subway station: La Granja)

We are a young space, with an exhibition area of more than 1,500 m2, in which culture, emerging art, creativity and diffusion go hand in hand.

Sculptors participating in the event are, Diego Canogar, Daniel Domingo Schweitzer, Adolfo Alcaide, Cesar Osorio, Sonia Cardunets and Juan Carlos Ramos

In addition we will count with works of other 30 artists (painting, drawing, photography, engraving...)


11.00 h. Inauguration

11.15 h. Welcome cocktail & brunch

11.30 h. Welcome video of sculpture network,

12.00 h. Discussion table about the situation of contemporary sculpture, with sculptors and art world authorities

12.45 h. Guided visit by the artists in which they will talk about their works and in which the guests will be able to carry out consultations.

Then there will be plenty of space and time for interesting conversations and meetings.

The evening will be livened up with live music.

You are welcome to join us at



C/La Granja, 4

28108 –Alcobendas (Pol. Ind)

Tl. 91.661.08.18



Read more about Est_Art Space here >>

Est_Art Space
C/ Granja 4
28108 Alcobendas


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