HOME with Knitted House

12 Januar 2019 00:00 - 20 Januar 2019 00:00

From the 12th to the 22nd of January 2019 I travel through Japan in search of people who want to participate in the project HOME with House.

HOME in Japan

Stephanie Rhode works in the public space. Her conceptual art, always deals with social, philosophical and historical questions. Her art has to do with the reflection of society and with her fundamental life issues. The temporary installations show general, culturally valid values, which Rhode individually charges, with symbolic works and which ultimately has a different meaning for each viewer. Her photographs are series that continue to develop over the years. Her works of art in the public space, as well as the photo and film series are dependent on external help and often create an inspiring interaction with the public, which allows her to create a " Local-art- experience".

SRhode: 'For 'HOME WITH HOUSE' I photograph friends and family, as well as people I deal with professionally, people I meet on the street or with whom I get in contact in cities where I stay and work. I will ask the people to hold the knitting house (height 40cm). This knitting house was part of an installation that I showed in 2011 in Germany and Beijing China. I ask the people I photograph if they can think deeply about the topic HOME while taking the picture, because I want to take a photo in which the thoughts and feelings of the person become visible. Do people adopt a certain posture when they think about their home? Can one see in their pose in which mood or state of mind someone is? These are questions I am looking to answer, I want to make these emotions visible. The viewer sees the photographed person from behind, so he looks into the picture with the person, but he also sees the person's posture.' More information on www.stephanierhode.nl what's going on

HOME with Knitted House

Tokyo & Kyoto

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