Helle Rask Crawford


The Frog has just caught a fairy by her leg.
Fairytales and humour is a hallmark of Crawfords work.

Edition of 8


Abmessungen : 175 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 120 kg
Jahr : 2021
Material : Bronze, Granit
Bearbeitung : Bronzeguss
Stil : figurativ, symbolistisch, surreal

Helle Rask Crawford

Helle Rask Crawford works in bronze. The realm of magic realism is where her foundations in naturalism have brought her. Elements from fairy tales and myths flourish in her sculptures and between the real and the unreal, the artistic expression gives room to a duality and a depth, that allows many different possible interpretations and statements. Presence and vivacity emanate from the figures through their movement and interaction, while humour has the effect of immediately establishing an emotional bond between wiever and sculpture, as the sculptures invite the wiever to join them in their story. Nina Sølbek Pinderup, Art Major of Visual Culture at Århus University, Denmark

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Helle Rask Crawford
Helle Rask Crawford
Das Beckwerk
Helle Rask Crawford
King Valdemar rides from Gurre Castle to Esrum Convent in search of his beloved Queen Helvig
Helle Rask Crawford
RavenRider at Soborg Private School
Helle Rask Crawford
Zeus in the shape of a bull swims from Phoenicie with the Princess Europa to Crete, thus founding Europe
Helle Rask Crawford, Bronze
Magical realism, This queen riding her cockerel. Inspired by an eminent painter, who loves her chickens.
Helle Rask Crawford, Bronze
Goddess of the Vase
Inspired by a Mesopotamian statue from the city-state of Mari (ca. 1300 BCE). One of the first statues to have inlaid water.
Helle Rask Crawford, Bronze, Mixed Media
Crawford has rendered the ilove and trust existing between human and horse. The artist has always loved horses and intensely enjoyed their company as well as appreciating the Beaty, force and.tendeerness of their movements. This sculpture tries to describe the respect, that can exist between the species.
Helle Rask Crawford, Bronze, Stein
Horsees Greeting
Two horses meeting. Modelled after the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci's drawings catches the essence and beauty of the horse. Edition of 8
Helle Rask Crawford, Bronze, Bronze
At the Lennon Wall in Hong Kong
A small boy is writing messages of hope and peace on post it stickers. The wall behind him is the Lennon Wall in Hong Kong, where the citizens put up their messages in support of a measure of independence. The wall alongside much of their hope has been torn down...
Helle Rask Crawford, Bronze, Beton
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