Blake Ward

Angel Daniel

Angel of Eloquence helps us to distinguish the possible from the impossible and assists us by indicating which of our aspirations will be appropriate, constructive and genuine. Angelic lore credits him with the rejuvenation of our inspirations and he is known to support and protect the undecided among us from the temptation to live by illicit means. He encourages reflection and detachment from events so as to perceive the reality and has the capacity to materialize thoughts through deeds, theater and singing.
Known for his grace, eloquence and conviction, he grants forgiveness and solace for our sins.
Bronze by Blake Ward and Boky Hackel
Monaco 2019
Edition Unique Piece


Abmessungen : 75 cm x 24.5 cm x 37 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 20 kg
Jahr : 2019
Material : Bronze, Metall

Blake Ward

I work to create what I believe are timeless commentaries on our human condition. Four Collections that have evolved from a figurative heritage founded on and in support of our humanity.
Seeking to give my art a purpose, the Fragments Collection decry explosive remnants of war left in our civilization’s continuous cycle of conflict. While the ReThink Collection seeks to heighten awareness for Human Rights, challenging the assumptions that lead us to discrimination and injustice.
In a renewed relationship to the human form The Spirits Collection consist of materializing bodies, expanding the classical figure by exposing the mystery within, insisting that we look inside the piece and open conscious communication with the internal landscape of soul and self.
The Andromeda Series, an evolution of the Spirits Collection, ventures into the world of 3D printing, created with digital techniques of sculpting. The resulting data file is printed in a wax polymer and cast in bronze in editions of three or less.
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The Andromeda Collection's latest addition Enceladus Created using Z-brush software. Through this work, the human figure merges with the digital world, wilfully maintaining elements of traditional figurative sculpture using the creative techniques of our time. This process offers incredible creative freedom as it allows for the integration of elements that could not have been created by hand. The 62 cm version will be 3D printed by using a SLS power bed printer in a wax polymer and then cast in an edition of three with one Artist Proof. A second and final edition will be cast at 100 cm in height an edition of two. Phot of the piece in progress
Blake Ward
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