Margarete Adler


The figure descends from fairy tales, myths and transcendental spheres of fairy tales, myths. She appears white, almost transparent, but with fine speckles of rouge, modelled as an Elizabethan ideal of late Renaissance beauty. Her feathery hair is like a snow flurry crown. The purity is nevertheless disturbed by the uncanny illumination of the eyes, which – in a reaction to tender strokes – begin to cold glow.


Abmessungen : 92 cm x 75 cm x 35 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 10 kg
Jahr : 2017
Material : Holz, Gips
Bearbeitung : Kunststoffguss
Stil : symbolistisch, figurativ, Pop-Art

Margarete Adler

Vision My vision is to expose the equality of every human being and to empower the emotional self-healing process. Mission By studying emotional states and manifesting them to a sculpture I create a conscious mirror which reflects the observer’s feelings.

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The big tread or The Evolution of the Diva
Portrait of hut designer Fiona Bennett The melodramatic and baroque swirl crowns fashion designer Fiona Bennett, indulging in overflowing and sophisticated hat finery. It is a hybrid staging. The wonderful purity of the bleached ostrich feathers meets the ostrich foot as an unembellished reminder of repressed phases of evolution.
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff
Wenn Eine einen Vogel hat
Or, as we say in German „Someone has a bird“ Portrait of my mother and the fabolous budgie Manfred. In this sculpture my mother has "a bird", but in fact it is my bird, the magnificent budgie called "Manfred". In fact our whole family has "a bird"- and not just one. Manfred has his own bird - Günther. My mother mimicken Manfred and Manfred imitates my mother.
Margarete Adler, Keramik, Beton
Mother love
A mother's love can be painful. The transfigured romantic projections of a good and loving mother and the contemplation of the real person do not create a homogeneous picture. The different projections do not add up to a homogeneous picture but instead create a lot of cracks and fractures.but rather cracks and breaks:  Sewing the parts together with a golden thread is both a material operation and a way of depicting the ambiguity of motherly love.
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff
A Moment in a Glance 1917-2017
A young man, bald shaven, holding a skull in his hands. We don't know what he thinks, what he feels, who he is. His eyes are closed and he seems lost in concentration, his fingers rest firmly on the skull of another soldier. Was it a young man who died a century ago in France, perhaps? One stares at us, the other looks inside.
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff
Silent Maids or a Kimono for the dead
One of the most important Japanese virtues of women is quiet humility and modesty. Wives today still silently serve the family and the husband. Shinin awase translates to "wrong side" and signifies winding the kimono to the left. Only the deceased are dressed with the kimono on the "wrong side". The colour white is worn at funerals AND weddings.
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff, Kunstharz
Loves me, loves me not
The loss of love, the withdrawal of love? From whom? The boyfriend, the girlfriend, the mother? Not feeling loved or not being loved is one of the deepest and most painful experiences in our lives, threatening our existence and self-understanding. In a casual and playful gesture, the girl plucks the petals off the flowers. What if the last leaf shows “loves me not”?
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff, Kunstharz
Mirror, Mirror
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” We know what happens next, and who is good and who is evil. The identification of women has been strongly influenced by their appearance since time immemorial. Women have absorbed beauty thoughts and role behaviour already with “mother’s milk”. Society is playing judge in the process of youth and beauty, the loser is already determined. The ageing diva accepts the verdict and breaks. And well, the fairytale of the magic mirror does not end well for the queen- not even today.
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff, Kunstharz
Fly bird, fly
A bird must fly! Everyday stories: An overbearing mother. A pre-planned life. A marriage according to class. Daughters have no participation in the narrow cage of tradition, paternalism and stereotypical role models. The bird escapes the cage and fulfills her dream as a dancer, but the price of freedom is high, because it means the loss of the African family.
Margarete Adler, Kunststoff, Kunstharz
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