Cate Wind
born in Durban, South Africa
Lives and works in Berlin

Cate Wind creates sculptures and installations that reveal correlations between modern knowledge and ancient systems of belief. Trained in the craftsmanship of glass, traditional painting, and visual communication, Wind assembles refined materials such as metal, glass, or resin with discarded found objects including gearwheels, vintage herbariums, or religious textiles.

During her formative childhood in South Africa she developed a fascination with naturopathic medicine, voodoo, and ceremonial rituals. Energy and its transformation are constant topics in her work. Cate creates hybrid sculptures in which her interest in quantum mechanics and metaphysics as well as her research of folk medicine, ancient symbols and alternative healing practices interlock.

born in Durban, South Africa
lives and works in Berlin

2019 European Cultural Academy, Venice

2017 Berlin Art Institute

1987 Fachhochschule Aachen, Visual Communication

1983 Training glass and porcelain painter, Staatliche Glasfachschule Rheinbach

2008 Vision Unternehmerinnenpreis of IHK

1993 Special prize of ADITEC GmbH Aachener Demonstrationslabors für integrierte Produktionstechnik

»Planet B«, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Groupexhibition

»die neuen«, Forum Kunst & Architektur, Essen, Groupexhibition

»Jubiläumsausstellung 70 Jahre«, Forum Kunst & Architektur, Essen, Groupexhibition

»u.A.w.g.«, Berlin Art Institute, Groupexhibition

»Mensch im Mittelpunkt moderner Produktionstechnik« , ADITEC GmbH Aachener Demonstrationslabors für integrierte Produktionstechnik, Groupexhibition

»Erste Euregionale Sommer Akademie«, Ludwig Forum Aachen, Groupexhibition

»Die anderen Zehn«, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Groupexhibition
Sorry to the flowers
Laboratory glassware, head massage, crown glass. Installation, growing size. Flower meadow, delicate, light, fragile, domino effect, dry, happiness.⁠ Irretrievable, Entschuldigung.⁠
Cate Wind, Mixed Media, Glass
Compass, many, metal, rust Installation, growing size Rotate around one's own axis.⁠ Infinity with place for hope⁠ Defense, aggression, defense, ego, weapon.⁠ Hope.⁠
Cate Wind, Metal, Installation
Vases, many, silver Installation, growing size Reincarnation. Body as vessel, change of perspective. Endless depth, darkness. Past is concealed. All is one.
Cate Wind, Metal, Mixed Media
Ich frei mich nicht fühl
Lunch boxes, many, metallic installation, puzzle. Imprinting. boundaries. liberation. hunger.
Cate Wind, Metal
Tied down
Steel cable, found brass tool
Cate Wind, Metal
Steel cable, wood
Cate Wind, Wood, Metal
Be aware
Steel cables, mirror, found metal stand
Cate Wind, Metal, Mixed Media
Je länger das Haar, desto kürzer der Verstand
Mixed found objects, natural hair
Cate Wind, Metal, Wood
Mixed found objects
Cate Wind, Metal, Glass
Found wood, steel tube, clamps
Cate Wind, Metal, Wood
Found compasses and steel stand, cotton tread
Cate Wind, Metal, Steel
Two of a kind
Found wood gears and compass, silk cocoon, steel, elastic band
Cate Wind, Wood, Metal
Entladung I
Steel frame, tin, glass sticks
Cate Wind, Metal, Steel
Entladung II
Steel frame, painted tin
Cate Wind, Metal, Steel
Tin, mirror, wood
Cate Wind, Wood, Metal

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