Iris Roskam

Iris Roskam, Pojedi me
Art and design professional
Active in the field of Public art
Specialised in a whole lotta materials...
Born 21 june 1976 Delft the Netherlands.
Willem de Kooning Rotterdam.
Worked for 10 yaers at glass studio De Oude Horn, Aquoy.
Various shows throughout the years.
Big break through came with de Markthal in Rotterdam after which we formed arno&iris beaux arts.
In 2018 I started my new company Pojedi me, which is Croatian for eat me from the book by Lewis Carol, Alice in wonderland.
I really care for craft and modern techniques so during my career I met many skilled people with whom I still work on a regular base.
Enjoy :D
Interior design for a markethal designed by Winny Maas for MVRDV in Rotterdam.
Iris Roskam, Mixed Media, Steel
Amsterdam primordial soup
Commissioned by Bouwinvest, designed by Paul Whalen. In the center of Amsterdam. This "oldfashioned" passage depicts the history of water and our relationship to it. The floor is made from terazzo, the handglazed tiles in 15 shades going from green to brown are decorated with gold, the 3 triptychs gigantic mirrors are sandblasted and painted from the back, in the middle there is a bronze fishhead shaped fountain, there are specail chandeliers made of bicycle parts and to top it off the ceiling is made of glass mosaic.
Iris Roskam, Bronze, Glass
Ode to the women of Den Helder
Dedicated to the women who live the harsh coastal life where the sea gives and takes. Commissioned by Helder Vastgoed, 3 50ties social housing flats got a make-over and were decorated with metal window frames, various ceramic surfaces, a gigantic one at the end facade and adorned with phosphorescent blown glass bubbles.
Iris Roskam, Metal, Glass

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