Richard Serra: Sea Level (1996)

Sea Level by the American artist Richard Serra sits like a spirit level in the middle of the rolling land- scape of park De Wetering in Zeewolde. The two concrete walls run straight through the park, which was designed in 1986 by landscape architect Pieter van der Molen and artist Bas Maters. The walls, each 200 metres long, are diagonally aligned along both sides of a canal. At their outer ends, the walls disappear almost invisibly into the landscape, whereas in the middle _ at the park’s lowest point _ they are several metres high. Sea Level gives physical meaning to the term sea level: without the dikes the water level would come up to the upper edge of the walls. The artwork evokes a feeling of submersion; visitors walking along the wall are made to feel as if they are literally ‘going under’, only to ‘resurface’ a little further down. Photo's: Jordi Huisman

Richard Serra: Sea Level (1996)

De Verbeelding 25 (overview from bridge Kastanjelaan)
3892 HZ Zeewolde

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