November 2020
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International Forum Málaga

In what ways are we living contemporary sculpture now?

This is the central Question of sculpture network's international Forum 2020 which was planned to be held in Málaga from November 19th till November 21st, 2020. Now we decided to postponed it until 2021.

Even though the restrictions in the course of the corona pandemic are being relaxed in many places, we do not yet know how things will develop. Most countries, Europe-wide as well as internationally, discourage unnecessary travel. In these uncertain times we cannot and do not want to implement our program for the XV. International Forum. We have therefore decided to postpone "The Expanded Experience" until 2021.

In its 15th edition, the Forum will explore how sculpture is being experienced in this century. What “conversations” are taking place between the artwork and the audience, and between different publics? How is it enjoyed? What emotional responses does contemporary sculpture elicit? What kind of experience does the public expect or deserve? How are we expected to behave? What are the best ways, in terms of place and time, to generate interaction with the public? How has public commissioning evolved? How do audiences or collectors get involved? How are new technologies and social media shaping the ways we experience sculpture? And how do all these factors affect the production of and access to sculpture today?

These will be some of the topics addressed by our international speakers at the upcoming forum: from public approaches to private initiatives, from real-life interaction to the trends and strategies of digital experience.

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Title: sculpture network International Forum 2016 Belgium, Photo: Christine Chilcott


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