Performance Homework

suitable for Children
Languages: English, Deutsch

Real gatherings are not possible at the moment, so we need to search for new ways and forms of encounter. Although the Internet and social networks were already being used long before the appearance of Covid-19, in the days of “social distancing” these are the platforms that are now offering alternative spaces for art and its reception. 

Vienna-based Japanese artist and choreographer Michikazu Matsune has curated an online exhibition that examines the effects of the “current Corona status” on one’s own environment: Performance Homework. Matsune’s own oeuvre explores the relationship between body and objects, movement and image, place and action. Last December, for instance, he and his colleagues staged the annual Homesick Festival: a duo of artists could be booked to visit your home and perform for you (and your guests) in a private setting.

Kunsthaus Graz


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