360° Video Tour Max Ernst Museum

Location: Brühl
suitable for Children

Mœbius 360°

During the closing time, the museum has a 360° video of the exhibition online, created in close collaboration with Mœbius Production Paris, which will allow a virtual tour of the exhibition in 360-degree view on a smartphone, iPhone or tablet. In addition, eight motifs can be digitally animated on screen using the augmented reality app "Artivive".

1. start the YouTube video on your device Set the highest possible picture quality.
2. tilt the smartphone, iPhone or tablet to change the viewing angle. You can also use your fingers for navigation.
3 When you watch the video on the desktop, you can change the viewing angle by dragging with the mouse. Please note that the video is optimized for use with mobile devices.


360° Video Tour

Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR

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