Aziz Anzabi

Inside of me 1

I created this work to show that inside and outside of humans are different. Nobody can know how kind you are. This is a sculpture of a human sitting down


Dimensions : 22 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 2.1 kg
Year : 2020
Material : Bronze, Metal, Bronze
Technique : Casting
Style : surreal

Aziz Anzabi

My base technique to create artworks is using real life natural events to create artworks with images or words from an imaginary world. Throughout my art I clearly elaborated the disposition (changing the shape of an object), and morphing of objects. I have long been intrigued and fascinated by these concepts. In my sculptures and painting, both figurative and abstract, I employ these aspects of a collective unconscious to evoke an emotional state within the viewer. In my figurative work, my goal is to capture the myriad changing state of the human condition through subtle changes in facial countenance and body language. The end result shows how the inner condition is expressed by the outward form while also conveying a timeless quality to human emotion. In my abstract sculptures, I have recreated the numinous quality of subconsciously shared images, stories, and ceremonial rites. The sculptures, themselves, are composed of abstract forms that are covered with a rich, textured surface. The end result is a complex organic piece that evokes a sense of ancient artefacts, of ritualistic objects from some unknown culture, or of imagined landscapes. However, my ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of having experienced this before. I believe this feeling of arises from both the collective unconscious and a mystical centre we all share...

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Inside of me 2
This work is made for people who nobody can understand them or their feelings, rather said that the people around that person always misunderstand him/her.
Aziz Anzabi, Bronze, Metal
Human in auction 1
This is a series of sculptures which has been influenced by the animation character as a symbol of saving the environment and Aziz's goal has been to show how nature is being destroyed and if we continue in this way it wouldn't be left for future generations. he carrying the fish represent saving the oceans and sea life 10cmx10cmx21cm
Aziz Anzabi, Bronze, Metal more...
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