Michelle Gallagher

Iron Lady

This work envelopes the female domestic chores that often fall into a woman’s lap...the invisible labor women carry


Dimensions : 12 cm x 10 cm x 16 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 1 kg
Year : 2020
Material : Clay, Ceramics, Ceramics, Clay
Technique : Ceramics, Molding
Style : figurative, modern, contemporary, symbolic, social, political

Michelle Gallagher

I am interested in the representation of women and the feminine, inspiration comes from observations in my own life and the lives of the women in my family and society at large.

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Which personality are you?
Our public and private faces and personalities. What do we show and what do we hide. The empty compartment is for the viewer to decide what face/ personality would they choose? Irish playwright Brian Friel wrote “ Philadelphia here I come” one of the characters has two actors playing his public and private thoughts.This idea of our public and private personality was a trigger for this artwork.
Michelle Gallagher, Wood, Ceramics
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Michelle Gallagher, Ceramics, Clay
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