Grace Adam


reconfigured ladders


Dimensions : 2 cm x 0.3 cm x 2 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 5 kg
Year : 2019
Material : Wood, Mixed Media

Grace Adam

I make temporary interventions and objects, which I often locate outside a gallery setting. Work often investigates our public and shared spaces. How do we use them?
In my practice, I work across drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. I am particularly interested in our built, shared environments; how we negotiate, adapt and use them. My work references the objects we buy, the ways we understand landscapes, the everyday; notions of what can be beautiful and where.
How do we negotiate and influence our domestic and wider environments? How we interpret contemporary and historical ideas of beauty is being tested. Works seek to question and re-evaluate some of the objects and spaces that define our environments, and therefore us.

How do we assign value to public spaces and the collections of objects they contain? How do the apparently arbitrary groups of historical, modern and contemporary structures in these urban and suburban spaces contribute, if anything to our daily lives?
How do these spaces work? How do we behave in these spaces? How do their visual triggers affect us? Do the objects in them matter? How do aesthetics, nostalgia, forgetting come into play?

I am interested in exploring the possibilities for reconnecting, celebrating, questioning the places and spaces we use; in noticing. We are used to placing ourselves at the centre of every experience.

Examining the role of objects is a not only a way to investigate the intentions of the maker, but to trace changes in ‘taste’; what an individual, a society, an institution chooses to celebrate, to keep, of why and how. Collections, private or public, illustrate social structures, private interests and neuroses, ideas around fashion, status and consumerism. Always in a state of flux, meaning is formed and reformed.

To make an inquiry into these objects, the altered status of these physical clues is an attempt to understand in some way, the intentions of the maker, aesthetic and formal values, issues around manufacture, mass production, craft, and the materiality of objects. The relationship between the readymade and mass-produced or commemorative objects, between luxury and ordinary objects is rich and fascinating.
Pieces hover between built, un-built and grown. An appropriation of familiar, mundane materials and techniques into another context, allows the viewer to see again the plain, the overlooked, the grotesque, the ordinary.

also interesting:

Installation investigating aspects of Norfolk
Grace Adam, Wood, Installation
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Installatio reconnecting park users to their environemnt-through 6 viewing gates-taking the gaze oustide of the park.
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A temporary installation inviting park users to wander, get lost. Using excerpts of poetry, song and information about the Supermoon;the duration of the installation.
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A large spherical sculpture, (1 metre) that refers to The Gadget, The Manhattan Project’s laboratory euphemism for the atomic bomb detonated in the Jornada del Muerto in on July 16th 1945. A Gadget was installed alongside a framed print, A Poem composed of elements of the two texts below. Holy Sonnet X1V by John Donne and Plutonium Ode by Allen Ginsberg.
Grace Adam, Mixed Media, Metal
Mannequin hand and chair part
Grace Adam, Mixed Media, Wood
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Part of an installation exploring remembrance. Black to green reflected the different stage of mourning and renewal.
Grace Adam, Installation, Mixed Media
Approach is made from Sweet Chestnut lengths cut from the coppiced woodland around an outside theatre. Long trunks frame the path, while slabs form henges along the way. These trees form a slightly unruly colonnade.
Grace Adam, Wood, Natural materials more...
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