Konstantin Evdokimov

Appletree body

Woman torso from apple tree.


Dimensions : 50 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 2 kg
Year : 2019
Material : Wood
Technique : carved
Style : figurative, modern, contemporary

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Change direction
"When we change the plane, we change direction. There is always a chance to change direction in your mind, in relationships, in actions... you can always look at a different angle from old things. Then the wall becomes the floor, the tower becomes the bridge, the opposition becomes friendship, and the hate becomes love. And if you can change direction, you can change the world." 3 human figures are sitting on the wall of the tower. their eyes are fixed on the sky. we see a change of reality, a turn of the earth’s plane to a wall plane, a change of horizon, a symbol of a change of views, thoughts, actions. figures are welded from metal, painted with black paint. size of each 2x natural.
Konstantin Evdokimov, Metal
Martin Lhuter
Sand sculpture
Konstantin Evdokimov
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